Bluetooth Speaker Set-Up

Hey Folks,

Our local BX here has a Sony SRS-BT100 speaker for sale that has wireless Bluetooth capability. This is almost perfect for my use, since I often listen to music in the kitchen while I’m preparing dinner, but restricted by limited space. That could be resolved by a wireless speaker configuration, needing to only use AC/DC to power the speaker without the need for additional messy speaker cables to connect from the control/bass module to two small external speakers I currently use (ThinkOutside BoomTube) .

The only problem is, I’m not all that sure how Bluetooth works. I have a Zune player, which I know isn’t Bluetooth capable, so what I want to do is stream music from my PC’s hard drive to the Sony speaker. Is this possible to do? If so, what Bluetooth accessories do I need to buy, and are there Bluetooth-streaming media players that must be used? FYI, I have WMP11, Xion, and GOM currently installed on my Vista Premium computer. Also, if it makes any difference, I have an 802.11 wireless network currently running on my computer.

I hope I gave enough info to provide a response. Thanks much in advance for any help provided! :clap:


Bluetooth is just other way of wireles comunication for short distance.
Read this, hope it helps.

Thanks for the reply, CDuncle. I have read numerous articles on Bluetooth, so I get the gist on how it works. I guess, more specifically, my question is whether I can expect to plug in a Bluetooth dongle, fire up Xion, and from there the dongle transmits to my Bluetooth-capable speaker. It just seems there needs to be some other step in there I’m missing. :confused:

Thanks again…

Your dongle is a USB device. It looks like the software coming with the dongle should be able to see sound card.
Found this:

go to Product on their site.