Bluetooth dongle bungle install problem

I plugged my new bluetooth adaptor into my Dell PC. Installed in seconds without a CD and without the annoying “Windows needs to install driver software” procedure. However, I couldn’t pair with my phone due to an authentication issue, so I unplugged the adaptor. Now, whenever I plug it in I have to go through the “Windows needs to install driver software” procedure which always fails. Any way round this?


Bluetooth Dongles tend to be the most awkward devices to get going right and are quite picky about their drivers. Plugging in the dongle and relying on Windows to find the driver generally does not work, as the drivers are usually part of a setup package.

I would suggest leaving the dongle removed and running the installation software from the CD. Once it completes, you can try plugging in the dongle.

If you are interested in pairing your phone to back it up or to add files to (e.g. music), I would completely avoid the Bluetooth route and get a USB cable instead to connect the phone. For example, a backup process that would take 1 minute with a cable could take well over an hour with Bluetooth and that’s assuming Bluetooth manages to keep its connection for this duration.

The only time I would suggest using Bluetooth between the PC and phone is for reading and writing SMS messages, loading apps and accessing the phonebook, as these are really the only tasks that work reasonably well over Bluetooth.

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There was no CD with the dongle.

Why did it work the first time and not subsequently?

Sorry about the cross-post.

Do I need a memory card in my phone before I can copy files from my PC via USB cable?

For the phone’s USB, you just need to download the phone software. For example, if it’s a Nokia, you will need to download the Nokia Ovi suite. For most phones, you don’t need an additional memory card, as the phone has its own memory. For example, if I plug in my Nokia, it’s built in memory will show up as a drive where I can copy files to/from.

For the Dongle, see if there is a model # written on it, as usually the manufacturer will have the drivers on its website.

[QUOTE=peeledback;2570362]There was no CD with the dongle.[/quote]Perhaps the software is available from the dongle manufacturer’s website.

Why did it work the first time and not subsequently?
Something got messed up. Check Device Manager if there are errors shown. Also, make sure, hidden (inactive) devices are visible, see
Then uninstall all Bluetooth thingys (right-click -> uninstall).
Reboot and try again.


Silly me. Solved.

As I said, the dongle installation was successful first time so all I had to do was ignore “Windows needs to install driver software” and right click the file I wanted to send to bluetooth device. Worked like a charm. Allowed no authentification. Also previously allowed no passkey just to get the thing running. Are these one-time only allows or am I risking security?

Thanks for your contributions