Bluetooth 5 adds additional location based advertising functionality

We’ve just posted the following news: Bluetooth 5 adds additional location based advertising functionality[newsimage][/newsimage]

An email that apparently accidentally ended up on a page on the website of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) reveals that the upcoming Bluetooth version 5 will add ‘significantly more capacity’ for advertising transmissions.

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That would make BlueTooth (or Harald Blåtann who the symbol express the initials of) more versatile and so could see more use for general file transfer and local networking.
Since no data is provided, it is to early to make a note on the security, but its usage will pretty much be determined by this. Sadly the security aspect so far has been more of a joke imo.

As for advertising (since it is mentioned), I got nothing against such a program as long as it is opt-in and so the choice of the user. It makes it a feature and no annoyance.

Goody - we definitely need more advertising on our phones! :disagree:

So Bluetooth 4.1 went the way of Windows 8???

Personally, I don’t understand the world of advertising. Pretty much everyone knows that ads are stupid and annoying. I douby anyone pays any attention to ads anymore. And yet, these stupid, annoying ads are everywhere. You can’t walk down an empty street without seeing a billboard or two. You can’t listen to music without hearing about the latest and greatest thing (which usually isn’t that great). Advertisements on digital devices is almost always delivered via malware.

Gee, I wonder why ad blockers are so popular.