Bluescreen while writing >8x



Hi guys,

I have a NEC 2500, my problem is when I burn a DVD+R (no matter with which prog, Nero, DVD-Decrypter, etc.) and I have the speed set to ‘Max’ or anything else than 4x, I get a bluescreen while burning, sometimes at 30%, sometimes at 50% or 85%, etc.

This is the error:

I’ve done some research, checked my HDDs and checked my RAM, no errors until now.

The bluescreen ONLY has shown, up till know, when I burn at faster than 4x.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated :wink:


As far as i can remember i think that has something to do with memory or lack of.:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


Yep sounds like a memory or pagefile issue…
Here’s the microsoft help article:;en-us;315266


I’m getting the exact same problem with my machine, and it didn’t start until I installed my DVD writer 2 weeks ago. I read the MS article mentioned, which says it’s a problem with XP, but I’m running 2000 Professional. It’s REALLY starting to tic me off, because it ONLY happens when I’m trying to copy DVDs.