Bluescreen error prob?

I have an IBM comp. and I was downloading something (legally) Apparently it was loaded with viruses or something. Normally when this type of thing happens I just pop in the XP CD and reformat my hard drive. This time I pop the CD in and it give me some type of “HARD ERROR”. Never seen it before and I know it cant be good. It goes through all the steps and when it says “Windows is starting up” The screen goes from blue to black like windows is coming on, then BACK to blue with the error message. All that I can remember is the error message had like 5 or 6 zeros before any other numbers appeared. Any way around this? or what is it?

Can you start up in safe mode? If so, run a anti-virus check, then use your most recent good restore point.

BTW, was it an executable file you were downloading? I’ve had this happen with a corrupt driver before.

Yea I started it up in safe mode and was going to restore it. I clicked on the date I wanted it restored to and then usually when it goes to restore the computer restarts its self without ever going through the process. I dont have an up to date anti virus checker :s. Stupid me! I will be getting one if I can get this fixed though!

Download AVG free or Avast. Or you can get CA 2007 for free courtesy of Microsoft.

Im at school right now. How can I download anything and get it to my computer at home?

usb stick

What size USB stick do I need and whats the procedure steps in doing this?


Ok update. I restarted in safe mode, plugged my usb lexar in and used 2 different virus checkers and NONE of them worked or at least didnt find any viruses. I used some kind of Vcleaner and Avast to scan with. I had AVG too, but it said it cant be installed or used in safe mode…I dont know what to do or try now…Any suggestions???


bump. Any help?