Blues Bros, American Graffiti & Dreamcatcher errors

Hey folks;

#1 - Have had problems making copies of “The Blues Bros”, American Graffiti and Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher. Results are the same, even though I have tried with numerous originals. Continue to get same error message: directory not found: video_TS.

Have successfully copied over 900 movies, on both of my NECs, so don’t think it’s my equipment.

#2 - Since I have two DVD recorders, can’t I record directly, without recording first to my hard drive. From what Clone DVDs third screen reflects, it appears I should be able, however, haven’t been able to program properly.

Thanks in advance!!


You have some conflicting Software on your PC.
Workaround: Drag and drop the VIDEO_TS directory to your harddisk and use CloneDVD from there.

CloneDVD can only copy Disc to Disc directly using the third button “Write existing data”. This is, however, not really recommended.


Many thanks!!!

Blues Brothers has been transferred sucessfully, thanks to your brilliance.

However, wondering why this error would occur so infrequently. Seems that if I had a software conflict, I would have had more problems of this nature, copying over 900 DVDs.

Any hints as to where I might begin to take care of the “conflict”?

Thank you;