Blueray problems scrabled video

So i just got a GBW-H20L LG multi bluray burner and most disks play however some when it comes on i can hear audio and see shapes but its all scrambled with bright colors (its like looking at one of those 3d images on paper that you have to cross your eyes to see) anyways ive updated the drivers and that didnt work and cant figure out if it needs a firmware update or not. Please help me with my issue!! thanks~!@~@:frowning:

What are you using to play the disks? Do you have the latest version of that software? Blu ray playback sometimes requires updates to the software, especially for those Blu ray disks with BD+ protection.

Oh its poweredvd9 it came with the player, should i check for an update on it?

Won’t hurt to look for an update. There should be a way to do that from within the PowerDVD or you can just go to their website.

anyone else got any idea what may be happening?