Blueray not recognizing some media

I had a hard drive go out and had it replaced. Since then my blueray drive will not recognize non-commercially burned cd/dvds. When I put a disc in the drive, it sees it as blank media (however it is readable in another computer). It does not recognize media it just burned (and yes, the other computer could read it). The driver is up to date. Does anyone have any suggestions to try?

Hello jannieb and welcome to the forums.

When your drive doesn’t recognize media, there are a series of steps you can take…in my mind I call them the usual suspects.

You don’t mention which operating system you are using, but I assume its some form of Windows. You can try the Microsoft Fixit tool for optical drives: This rarely works.

Then you can move on to the suggestions on this page: The second one is the Fixit tool I already mentioned, but the third solution is usually the one that works.

Already tried good old Mr Fixit. Got Windows 7 64 bit

Unfortunately none of the things in the microsoft article helped