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How can I copy Half Life Blue Shift.
I know it has securom 2 protection. I tried to copy with read settings. Sub channel for data and for audio on.
Write settings none. But the CD did not work when I tried to start blue shift. Who can help me. I tried it with and also with 3.04.2. Who can help me out.
I have a ultraplex 40MAX Scsi reader and a Plexwriter 12/4/32Scsi

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Are your reader able to read subchannels and your writer to write them?


Originally posted by lupicupi
Are your reader able to read subchannels and your writer to write them?
I think the Plex’s can do it (both read and write)…

Here’s some interesting info that might help you:

Please let us know if it does… Could be interesting news :slight_smile:


A friend of mine copied this for the other day. During the read it give him a read error when he had it in the burner to make an image for it. He has some generic cheap burner, after nero gave him an error message about a unrecoverable error, he put it in his dvd drive and it pulled an image fine. And I installed it yesterday to see if it worked, and it worked.


i have a plextor 16/10/40a firmware 1.03
i made a copy of Blueshift using clonecd
had no problems reading or copying it.
works fine in my aopen52x cdrom.
use ur burner as the reader aswell and see if that works.
hope this helps abit.



what settings & speed did you use accel7 ?


Does blue shit have dummy files on this…


I mean blue shift, oops sorry about profane


We do have an -button on the forum :wink:

I don’t know if this game has dummy files but have you scanned it with a copy-protection scanner like ClonyXL ?


i just used disc to disc

Set Read Speed to 1x
Select Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
Select Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks
Select Fast Error Skip
Set Read Retry to at least 5
Set Error correction to None
UnSelect Don’t report bad sectors
UnSelect Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner

i burned at max speed - 16x
Select RAW DAO
Select Don’t Repair SubChannel Data
UnSelect Simulate Writing (if available)
Select Burn Proof/Just Link (if available)
unSelect Perform Laser Power Calibration
unSelect Wait until Buffers are full
Select Always close last Session

that was it
hope this works for ya


I have an ultraplex 40TS as a reader and a PX-820T as a writer.

When reading the original Blue shift with the ultraplex, there were a lot of read-errors, in the starting sectors 0,7,8,9 (!!!) ::confused: and a lot of others in the 5000-19000 area, which is NOT normal, as the Securom 2 protection is not based on a bad sector structure; it only has to do with sub-channel data.

Thus, after 9 non-recognisable copies (…), I figured that the ultraplex is NOT very good when it comes to reading hardcore subchannel data, as those into the securom 2 protection.

So my only option was to read it and write it with the 820T, which worked and produced so far, over 4 flawless copies!

I suggest you to read it and write it with your 12/4/32, because the odds are that it is more accurate than the ultraplex, concerning subchannel data.

C Ya…


I have an 40x -CD-ROM (No-Name) and an ACER 4432.
The CD-Rom is able to read subchannel-data.

I checked both subchannel options for reading, speed MAX.
For writing also MAX Speed (4x).

The copy works perfect. (only tested in my CD-ROM), will try it somewhere else next days.

There were no read-errors reported when reading the original CD.