Blue screen

Hi all. This is my first post. I installed DVDFab 3 Platinum. Successfully copied a split of the first disk of a film. Successfully decrypted the second disk of the film. When I tried to advance to the copying/burning stage nothing happened. When I restarted DVDFab it told me it couldn’t load the burner and to restart the programme (same result) or re-instal it. That didn’t work. The next time I booted the laptop I got a stop message with the following driver named:
0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x806FF94F, 0xECF11B18, 0x00000000)
I’ve uninstalled DVDFab for the time being so as to avoid further blue screens. Can anyone help? My signature describes me perfectly where computers are concerned. By the way, I had exactly the same problem with DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and ImgBurn - all of which I replaced with DVDFab, hoping to escape the problem.
I’m grateful for any help.

Okay this might sound silly but can you install one of those programs again and see if you get the blue screen again.
The problem is 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x806FF94F, 0xECF11B18, 0x00000000) is not a driver but refrenced to what broke inside the driver.
All drivers usually go by the names like xxxxx.dll, xxxxx.drv or
If I knew that then I might be able to nail what is going on as I think it’s not any of these programs fault, but are using a common library and when they get to a certain point then that’s where they cause winbdows to crash.
A gut instinct is that it’s windows built-in DVD writer library, but there are ways of getting around that :wink:

You may run memtest to identify RAM errors.

What version of Mr. Gates O/S have you got?

To me that’s a RAM issue…

Run this (instructions on site);

Perhaps this helps. I am running Windows XP Home SP2, 3.06 GHz Mobile Intel Pentium 4, 512 MB DDR 333MHz with 20GB free space on the hard drive. I did instal and un-instal the various programmes mentioned in my first post several times. They always caused a blue screen. What I don’t understand (being clueless) is why the programmes initially work (i.e. I have successfully decrypted and burned films to disk with both DVD Decrypter and DVDFab and then each, when I tried to process further disks, caused a collapse).

As regards MemTest, I am so inexperienced I would fear buggering up the whole shebang if I were to start fiddling with the innards.

it could be a number of things, and memory or the temprature of your processor (ie the fans not working properly, so not cooling it down enough) could be the cause as much as any program or driver you have installed.

If you can rip and burn one DVD fine but the next one crashes your laptop then I don’t think it will be a driver issue as that will either work fine or crash every time. This does sound potentially more hardware related.

Memtest will not bugger the hardware, and you will not be messing with any innards. From the site above you can download a file that will install onto a floppy or CD. Just reboot with the floppy/cd in the drive and you can test the memory and it will tell you if any errors appear and it kinda straightforward to do really.

IF everything runs fine then we can rule that out and go to plan B :stuck_out_tongue:

petera is right could be number of things I go for checking your M/B or Processor temp that might be to high causing Blue Screens.

OK. Will try MemTest. Many thanks so far.

. Since the problem is affecting all your video apps, I’m guessing something has gone wrong at a low level. I’d remove ALL video/burning apps (and audio apps if you’re as compulsive as I), clean the Registry (I use RegSeeker), then re-install one-at-a-time. If that didn’t work, I’d start from scratch with a full-install (w/ format) of Win.

Right. I’ve downloaded Memtest86. As the laptop does not have a floppy disk drive I downloaded the ISO image (zip). I unzipped it as instructed and after some trouble (another blue screen along the way) burned the unzipped ISO file to a CD. I then restarted the computer with the CD in the drive, double clicked on the file and was told that Windows could not open it.

Stuck again. Sorry, folks, but what programe do I need to open this file and run the test?

Microsoft has a downloadable mem test tool, which seems less problematic.

Have you gone in to your Motherboard bios and check your “System” and “Processor” Temps to see if they are within the limit?.

Sorry, TCAS, but you might as well be talking Swahili. My signature is a perfect description of my computer knowledge. Many thanks all the same.

Thank you, diskbliss. Sounds like that might be within my capability.

LOL! My Swahili is rusty, as well, totalnovice.
I haven’t used my swahili in quite a while… :smiley: ROFLMAO

You dont burn the ISO file onto a disc.

You need a program to burn the contents of the iso file to a disc. An ISO file is a disc image that contains all the files and folders that are normally on the disc in a packagd format that also includea alot of other hidden info as well. In this case it also contains information that makes the disc bootable.

If you have nero (not sure on nero express but full blown nero does it like this) then you can burn the image by closing any of the starting selection bits (where you choose DVD / CD and Data or music disc) in nero and then asking it to “File > open” and choosing the ISO file, this will then burn the disc correctly.

Other burning programs will allow you to open the ISO image and burn it directly to CD

Windows built in burning program will NOT allow you to burn it correctly.

If you haven’t got Nero then you could try the free ImgBurn software.

Thank you Petera, QWARKZ et al. I have now run Memtest86 successfully and there were no errors. I ran the test series once. If that’s enough then that eliminates memory as a problem?

What next?

Now Memory’s out of the way then it could be temprature.

If you were to open the case on your laptop (don’t worry, I’m not really asking you to :wink: ) you would see that a awful lot of the chips and stuff are crammed together with a very small gap between the chips and your keyboard. This small gap is all the space your laptop has to push cool air in one way and force the hot air out the other side.
To do that they use small fans and temprature monitors to keep an eye on the heat. If it gets too hot then the fans come on until everything is a nice and cool again and they go off (I’m assuming that you have a modern-ish laptop, otherwise the fan will be on all the time).

Now three things can go wrong here to stop your computer from cooling itself, getting too hot and crashing.

  1. the vents that pull in the cool air and push out the hot are blocked with dust/fluff. You can either get a can of compressed air and blow into the vents or, as long as you spit too much, blow into them yourself.

  2. Your computer thinks that everything is fine when in actual fact it’s running too hot. This setting is usually set in the BIOS. if it comes to it let me know the make and model number of your laptop and i’ll make step-by-step instructions what to do and check.

  1. The fans are packing in. As they are moving parts and spin around thousands of times every day they will eventually pack in. On a lot of models this will be well after you have upgraded and is not an issue but sometimes they go earlier than planned. If this is the case then you will need to fine someone to repair it for you.

Try number one and see if that helps with the stability.