Blue Screen with any voicechat and playing DVD/HP Pavilion

Dear all,

I know there has been made a lot of posts about people having a BSOD problem but I cannot find the solution how to fix my friends problem, so my apologizes to make another post.

My friend has a HP Pavilion notebook - windows vista - video card Nvida.

Everytime as soon uses voice chat on MSN, SKype or World of Warcraft ingame voice chat, it crashes as soon there is made a connection, some seconds after the Blue screen of death follows up and 1 second after that it will automaticly restart the computer (which makes her unable to see what kind of error has been given).

The weird thing is, aslong she keeps her voicechat output turned off (so she isn’t able to speak, just can hear my voice) than everything is fine.

Also when she runs software programms on fullscreen the blue screen will come up.

She updated all of her drivers so far,

Is there any other people with the same problem?
And/or does anyone know what my friend could try more?

Any suggestions or advice will be more than welcome.
Thank you ever so kindly for reading.

Kind regards,

ps: The model Number is HP Pavilion DV8219EA

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As you mention about this problem being caused by full-screen video and when starting an online voice chat, we would need to know more about the the BSOD screen is saying.

You can disable the automatic reboot as follows:

[li]Go into the control panel, into ‘System’ and then into “Advanced System Settings”. [/li][li]Click ‘Continue’ if a UAC warning appears. [/li][li]In the “startup and Recovery” section, click ‘Settings’. [/li][li]In the “System failure” section, remove the tick from 'Automatically Restart"[/li][li]Click ‘OK’ to both windows in succession.[/li][/ol]

Try playing something in full screen to trigger the BSOD and write down the error details, especially any filenames that are mentioned. Repeat again using a voice-chat application (e.g. SkyPE) and see if the error details are any different. If so, write down these details and post the info here.

Quite often it is possible to tell by the filename the BSOD shows to find out what driver is the culrpit, although it doesn’t work for all cases or if Windows reports one of its own system files as which triggered the error when it was something else.

Do you have a restore point that was made prior to the start of the problems? If so, try using it.

Have you run antivirus/antispyware programs to check for infection?

To stop the automatic restart on a BSOD, follow this guide. You should now be able to read the error code the next time it happens. (you’ll have to manually restart the computer to get it going again).

You might want to look through this list of common stop errors in Vista: (bottom of page)

As a last resort, you might want to save all important files/data on the computer to disks or an external hard drive, then use the restore partition to put the computer back to its original state from the factory.

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