Blue screen when playing DVD

First of all…this is my first post so hi to everyone :slight_smile: . I actually stumbled across this forum trying to find a solution to the problem Im having with my new BenQ DW1655 LightScribe DVD ReWriter. Read some of the posts and you all seem to know alot about this stuff so hopefully one of you can tell me what I did wrong. I have very little knowledge of putting in/replacing things on my comp as all the comps Ive had were pre built. I bought this new drive and finally got it in and working…or so I thought. It seems to play normal cds just fine but whenever I put in a DvD to watch a movie or something the screen goes blue and I get this big long message saying windows has shut down blah blah please restart in safe mode or something similiar to that. I have to hit restart and eject the disk before windows reloads or it just goes straight to that screen again. I use WinXP. Any ideas on how I can make it work right? crosses fingers

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It seems it may be a software problem but need more info. What program do you use to play dvds and some info on your computer ram etc. I am not sure if we can help you without further info. Are you overheating ,what operating system-is your power supply adequate.Were you having such problems prior to the installation of this drive. Good luck and welcome to cdfreaks.

I use the Dell Media Experience program to watch DvDs since it was the default (yes I have a dell) and I never bothered to change it since its always worked fine. I have a 3.2gig pent4 1gig ram, windows XP, not overheating, no problems with power supply. And the problem didnt start til I got this drive. The one that I had before was just a normal dvd drive, not a burner. But I gave it away. It doesnt even try to play the movie it just goes to the blue screen before it even opens the player. I thought maybe it was a defective drive or something but it reads normal cds just fine.

This is what the blue screen says…

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
If this is the first time blah blah, if this screen appears again run a memory check run a system diagnostic blah blah, etc etc

The Geno

I’d suggest loading the bundled software that came with your BenQ 1655 burner. That should give you a DVD player that works with the drive. I have the BenQ 1655 also, and use the Nero software and other applications that it comes with. Also using the Lightscribe function to label my CDs, you can read my blogs below.

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I forgot about that. But… :sad: I installed all the Nero stuff (even used the drive to read the Nero CD) but it still gives me the evil blue screen whenever I put in a DvD. This was such a bad week to quit smoking.

The Geno

Sounds like the drive is conflicting with something. Double check the jumper setting on your drive. Also, check the voltage on your power supply when it fails. If you have a multi meter, find a 4 wire conector similar to the one that is plugged into the drive (the white conector). Check the voltage on the yellow wire and either black wire (should be around 12v, how far out is it), and the red and either black (should be around 5 volt). IF you do not have a multi meter, use mother board monitor or something like that (not as accurate as a multi meter).
Double check the conectors that the ribbon cable plugs to, to make sure you didn’t bend/break any pins.

Probably some of the junk Dell software… Sonic DLA is the biggest conflict creator. Give that an uninstall.

Thanx for all the info. I didnt expect to get so many replys in such a short about of time :slight_smile: So anyways…its fixed…everything working fine. All I had to do was delete Sonic DLA like tehGrue said!

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