Blue screen stop error

I have a Sony DVD writer DW-D22A with Pinnacle Easy CD/DVD which has been playing up for a long time, and producing many coasters.
It works fine reading, but even just putting a blank DVD in immediately causes a blue screen stop error and crash.
I have tried reinstalling Pinnacle to no avail, and I have uninstalled and unpluged the DVD writer, and re-installed again, but still the same thing.
I am rapidly coming to the conclusion I need a new writer.
:confused: Any comments please?

If you could write down as much as you can from that STOP error, it would help a lot. :slight_smile:

Can’t see it for long enough. Pc reboots, and keeps rebooting until I remove writable DVD. The Windows error report signature is:
BCCode:1000008e BCP1:C0000005 BCP2:806D0753 BCP3:B10AA3BC BCP4:00000000
OSVer:5_1_2600 SP:2_0 Product:768_1

Files included with error report are:

A Microsoft web page opens saying they are unable to determin the cause.

Just a thought. About a month ago my psu blew, and I had to have a new one fitted. Couldn’t be anything to do with that could it?
Everything else is ok, and I am sure the writer was tempremental before that!

If the Pinnacle software has been giving you problems for awhile, you could uninstall it, and install a freeware package like CDBurnerXP Pro.

There is a setting to stop windows rebooting when a BSOD occurs, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where it is. Hopefully someone will come up with it. :slight_smile:

The last time I had regular BSODs, was due to a soundcard software conflict.

Edit: just saw your last post: to be sure that the PSU blowing hasn’t damaged your burner in some way, is there any possibility you can try it on another PC?

I haven’t really got the option to try the burner in another pc.
The main point is that all works ok, until I put writable or re-writable media in it.

That blue screen could be due to a lot of things…but your PSU blowing could mean that more than just you writer got fried…maybe other things on the motherboard got fried as well…even the CPU or RAM, sorry to say. Take your computer to a repair place and get them to run a multimeter over the main parts of the board.

To keep the computer from rebooting when it gets a blue screen, do this:

Right click My Computer. Click Properties > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery SETTINGS. Uncheck the box for “Automatically Restart”.

Your new power supply might be weak. That can cause optical drive problems.

If your computer is running well otherwise, the rest of the computer could still be in good shape. There are DOS standalone memory diagnostics you can run. Search the internet for memtest86, or Microsoft’s memory diagnostic.

I can’t remember the wattages, but the new psu is rated higher than the original

I am totaly confused now.
I ran Microsofts memory diagnostic, twice, and each time it hung during test no4, after flashing up several red "Failed"
I then ran memtest 86, which appeared to find no problem. At least there was a 0 in the error column after one complete pass.
I am afraid all this is way over my head.
I repeat the one thing I do know, that is that nothing [U]appears [/U]to be amiss, except when there is writable media in the DVD writer, and then I get the blue screen.

I have run icrosofts memory diagnostic again, and still it doesn’t get beyong test 4.
Thge results for 1-3 I noted are:
MATS+ Failed
INVC Failed
LRAND Failed
Stride6 Active
and that’s as far as it gets.
Does that mean my RAM is up the creak?
I have 1 x 512mb PC3200 DDR RAM (400mhz) plus another stick I added myself.

Were both of those RAM sticks in your machine when the PSU blew, or just one of them?

Something you could try is using just one stick, and if the problems go away, put the other stick back. If they start again, then you know there’s something amiss with the second RAM stick.

They were both in the machine when the psu blew.
Would one faulty stick cause the problem, when everything worked before I fitted the second?

If everything worked before you fitted the second stick, there’s a possibility. Pop the second one out, and try the machine with just the one stick. :wink:

I will give it a try tomorrow and report back.

Thanks for all you guys help so far.

I have tied all the different permutations with my memory sticks, and also run Microsoft Memory Diagnostic after each change. I get exactly the same blue screen error each time, and the same list of Failed on the memory test, which at least runs it’s full course now.
To back up the theory it’s my RAM causing the problem I have tried to overload it by running everything I can think of at once, except Pinnacle, but I can’t make it crash.
I don’t understand why I get the Failure result from the memory test, but I am back to thinking my problem must be either my DVD drive or the software.
Any other ideas?

I had a simalar problem when I blew a PSU. Memtest 86 failed multiple times. Clearing CMOS and reinstalling the mainboard BIOS solved the problem. BSOD when putting a disc in the drive sounds like a faulty IDE cable and or connection. May be worth a try.:slight_smile:

If, however, you get the same dud memory tests, time to go to a computer repair place because, as I wrote above, more than just your PSU got fried…sorry.

Finally found someone else who have the same problem!!
Here are some data:
Pinnacle studio 10.6, nero express, Pentium 4 CPU 3.4 GHz, Mother board ASUSTeK P5LD2-Deluxe, Bios AMI 0312 (should be the latest), memory 1.5 Gb.The follwing drives: NEC ND-3520A (firmware 1.04) and NEC ND-3550A (firmware 1.04). There are follwing updates to these: ND-3520A v.3.07 and ND-3550A v.1.05. Have not yet made these updates, still looking for other reasons!!
I have read that more than one burner could cause trubble.
Have also read that Micorsoft had an error in reading blank DVDs because the size of the buffer when reading blank DVD did not correpond to the buffer in Windows!??. This should be taken care of in Service pack 2


Seems that I have got the solution on this problem. I went into the german Pinnacle customer help page, see

If you do not understand German, follow these steps.
In windows explorer, right click the DVD drive and look into properties and settings. Remove the hooks at IW file system active and the Autoformat.

Thats all, this worked for me and I have tested Blank DVD several times without seeing the Bluescreen!