Blue Screen On Start -> Disk Boot Failure

My Pc:-
Win Vista 64bit Ultimate
CoolerMaster 1000watt PSU RealPower
Intel Core Duo Q6600
2 x 2gig Corsair TwinX DDR2 PC6400, 4gig Ram Total
2 x MSI 8800GTX 768meg OC Edition
Asus P5N32-E SLI MB
5 x 750 Seagate HD + 2 x 1Tb Samsung HD

My problem all started about a month ago when my computer would lock up and freeze every 2 days or so, this would require a hard reset to fix. I assumed it was overheating as it is just starting to get hot here again. So i got a fan and put it pointing to the inside of the set to cool it down, as it is the only real way to keep the set cool as it does run pretty hot in summer.

Then 2 days ago the computer froze again and i did a hard reset and after i restarted i got the error “disk boot failure, Insert system disk”. So then after this i assumed it must of been a corrupted install of windows all along so i put in my vista cd and try to run the repair and what is does is trys to load the vista disk and then blue screens. So i restart again.

This time it finds the harddrive and starts windows and @ the loading screen before it actually starts windows and loads the part where you login and type your password, it blue screens and restart. After the restart it cannot find the harddrive and i have to turn it off for 2min and then restart for it to find the harddrive again. Otherwise it just cannot find the main harddrive as if it dosnt exist.

So next i assume it must be the harddrive failing as i have had this happen before so what i do is change my sata cords around so that another one of my harddrives is the boot master and i reinstall windows 64bit onto a BRAND new harddrive. This install perfect and then boots up and after about 35min of it being in windows it freezes and restarts on its own this time. And the same problem repeats in the exact same manner as it was happening with the other install of Vista.

Things i have check so far:

  • I have changed harddrives and reinstall vista - so doubt it is vista being corrupt/harddrive failure
  • Changed sata cords - so cant be this i dont think unless several cords are faulty @ the same time
  • Ran Memtest 2 pass’s and no errors

Any Ideas or anyone with the same problem that got it fixed plz come forward, if more information is needed i can provide. Please help me, as i dont want to pay some guy $200 to come out and randomly replace parts untill he gets it to work. Thx for you time reading my wall of text.

A few suggestions.
Reset to stock speeds if you are over clocking any thing.
Unplug all connectors together with ram and cards re-seat them all carefully and firmly. Monitor the processors temperature.
Try a different video card in case that is giving problems.
Strip down to 1 hard drive, video card and 1 stick of ram.
The only way to be sure is to find whats wrong by a process of elimination.
Good luck.
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Sorry just remembered this.
My youngest son was having similar problems on his machine and was cured by cleaning the memory sticks connections with electrolube contact cleaner and re-seating the memory.
It’s worth a try.


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Take a close look at the capacitors, if they look brown on top they may be leaking and you will need to replace motherboard. If you feel the tops and they are raised instead of flat, same problem.
I have had this happen on 3 boards this summer.


All you can do is trial and error to try and find the bad part. Along with the advice others gave, try 1 stick of memory, 1 hard drive, but try different sata channels (it should let you boot from any of them) or even better different controllers (if your motherboard has them and or if you have an ide drive to try).

Also, I haven’t used mem test recently, but if I recall right, a pass isn’t that long. You want it running for hours. If memory is suspect, you can run it with one stick for a while, then some more with only the other stick.

Also, try underclocking it and then run a stress test program like prime95. If it reports errors at stock or overclocked speeds, but not when underclcoked, you have at least narrowed to down to cpu, MB, mem.