Blue Screen Of Death When Inserting Blank Media

Hi, I’m new here and making my very first post, so please be gentle!

I’ve had a Philips 8601 in my Dell desktop for about two years. Not a single coaster or problem encountered until about a week ago. Two issues then appeared:

  1. Burning DVD files in Nero at 4x, got to about 6% and hung the whole system. That has happened at least twice since.

  2. I now get a BSOD virtually every time I insert blank media into the drive. I have not managed to write down the stop error, sorry.

Took some advice and upgraded the firmware to change from Philips to Benq 1620 but still the same problems.

Strange thing is that if I reboot and leave the disc in the drive, I can usually write to it. Weird.

I have disable autoplay but no luck.

Any ideas folks?

(Running XP Home with SP2, 3.0ghz processor, 2GB RAM)

Hey, I am having the same problem…two different burners, half dozen different media types. I know it has something to do with SP2, I had no problems when running SP1a. No help from Microsoft. 3ghz P4, 1gig mem, Intel board, Lite-On drive / Samsung drive, XP Home SP2. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

goto windows update and get all of the updates, if the issue remains then remove upper/lower filters

Do you have any other software like DVD43, AnyDVD or Daemon Tools installed on your computer? I remember DVD43 does give me BSOD when I’m inserting the blank DVD media or trying to burn

Continuing on, I have had the similiar problem of the blue screen and took Easter Bunny’s advice of checking updates (none needed,) followed by the removal of upper/lower filters. This does seem to have cured the blue screen but now my computer just won’t acknowledge that there’s a blank DVD in the drive. If I have windows explorer open as I insert the disc, ‘DVD Ram Drive (E:)’ changes to ‘CD Drive (E:)’ after the computer has taken a look at the blank DVD I’ve just inserted.
Also, having read other topics/threads, I dumped my cheap discs and bought expensive Sony DVD-R’s, so I can’t blame cheap discs either.
Any help available please?