Blue screen of death in XP with pcatip.sys

I keep getting a blue screen after running and playing my backup of Tron 2.0 a second time without restart. I can run the game over and over as long as I don’t start playing it. If I do then the next time it runs I get a blue screen of death in pcatip.sys during the secuROM check.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem or what may be causing it, I’m at a loss here. I tried renaming the file and running without it, but it doesn’t even read as valid by secuROM if I do that.

I tried compensating by using daemon tools emulation, that didn’t work, I may be running an old version though. I also tried ccd’s Hide CDR media function but that didn’t do anything either. So, I need this file or something similar to run the game, but I don’t want it crashing my system every other time to the point of restart.

what version are you using?

I am using of BW and the version of pcatip.sys is

Can u post minidump ?

My servers are down at the moment and it wont let me attach it here but you can e-mail me at requesting the file and I can send it to ya that way.

you are way behind, and I believe that is the version that had problem with pcatip, you need to update your version, to the current one, that should fix your problem. we’re on

nope that didn’t work either, in fact it installed the same version of pcatip.sys that I already had. I tried it anyway and still crashed.

ok this is strange, I just had it crash on my backup of frozen throne as well. I believe the crash conditions are set by my tron backup and then activated the next time it’s used. Do you think it may be a conflict with another third party driver or some kind of caching problem? I haven’t had any requests by e-mail about the minidump but I do have it, for both the frozen throne crash and the tron crash if anyone’s interested.

ok it’s confirmed, the problem is not isolated or directly linked specifically to the tron game. TFT has just caused the same blue screen without the help of TRON.

It looks like they both use the same protection so it could be a conflict with that. Both backups were created using BW and autoplay 2.

I don’t know how to interprit the minidumps so I can’t look at those myself but there could be an answer somewhere in there.

here is a list of third party files that are attached as drivers to my cd-rom along with pcatip.sys

cdralw2k.sys - Roxio (v.
pwd_2k.sys - Roxio (v.
ElbyCDFL.sys - Elaborate Bytes AG (v.
MxlW2K.sys - MusicMatch (v.
PcAtip.sys - VSO Software (v.

The other files are signed by microsoft and are easily recognizable as standard files. Perhaps there is a conflict with one of the files listed here and pcatip.sys but I’m not sure and don’t have the time to find out.

If anyone else has any suggestions, they would be most welcome.

I just tested my backup of Homeworld 2 that I burned with and autoplay 4 and I still get the same result, although not as often now.

if anyone would like to see the minidump you can email me Here and I will send it to you. I have uninstalled every third party driver that was associated with my CD drives except musicmatch’s jukebox driver (MxlW2k.sys).

I need help with this guys, this is getting to be a really annoying problem. I don’t know if it’s a flaw in Autoplay or not but right now it’s all I have to go on.