Blue screen error



hi all,
i’m new to this community and grateful it exist. i hope i will get some help here to resolve a problem with my Laptop.

i recently started getting blue screen errors with the lastest one being

kernel data inpage error
stop 0x0007A
atapi.sys - address F87CE384 base at F871000. datastamp 4110764d

i recently installed skype and autocad on my dell latitude with windows xp
i also noticed the first and second times the error occurred the machine had become hot after being on all day. yesturday it shut down while i was on skype and this morning it shut down while i was trying to purchase antivirus upgrade

can anyone tell me what these errors mean and how to fix it please?


there may have been a power surge the first time it happened as my brother’s very new dell shut which was next to mine as we watched a movie on Tele, was automatically shut down.

i was also using a usb device that allows more than one connections (name?)



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Found on a number of sites:

The Stop 0x7A message indicates that a page of kernel data was not found in the paging (virtual memory) file and could not be read into memory. This might be due to incompatible or defective disk drivers, firmware, or hardware, bad sector in a paging file, a virus, or failing RAM.

So a few things worth investigating. :slight_smile:


See the coverage of the error in this article: