Blue Screen- cdr4_2k.sys (Roxio)

I receive a blue screen with the Stop error “DRIVER_ULOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS - cdr4_2k.sys” when Windows is loading when Windows Media Player 9 series is installed on Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 with DivX Player 6.5 (or newer) is installed.

cdr4_2k.sys is a component of the Roxio burning engine.

I have two software applications that use Roxio components and for which their installers install Roxio components:Windows Media Player 9 series
(installs cdr4_2k.sys to “C:\WINNT\system32\drivers”)

DivX Player 6.5
(installs cdr4_2k.sys to “C:\WINNT\system32\drivers”)The problem (blue screen) does not manifest if the applications are installed in sequential order, increasing, of the version of the Roxio burning engine; all application would be installed and the highest Roxio burning engine (driver) would be used.

It is not desirable to have to always install (or possibly reinstall if an application in the sequence is modified) applications in a certain order.

The burning functions of the applications using Roxio components are not used.

Does an updater exist for the Roxio burning engine that would update the Roxio burning engine without a Roxio application installed?

Can the Roxio burning engine be removed from systems using it, to at most cripple to the burning function of the applications using the Roxio components? If so, how?

This issue can occur if a Windows 2000 version of a device driver replaces the Windows XP version of the device driver. This can happen if you install an older version of an application that was packaged with Win2k drivers before WinXP existed. Reinstall updated DirectX device drivers that are designed to work with Windows XP.

I see you are using Win2k. DOH! So the situation would probably be the same. Reinstall DirectX device drivers should fix it.