Blue screen BUT NO DEATH?

a problem has been detected and windows had to be shut down

out of the blue my windows xp sp2 would pop up a blue screen, i could barely read the text it was displaying, but i caught a glimse of the above message. then my pc would automatically restart.

afterwards when desktop finish loading i would get this:

windows has recover from a serious error, send report/don’t send

is the blue screen of death a really BAD thing? or do some of you run into these once in a while? is blue screen normal? it’s not a really bad thing…is it?

thanks for helping.

Notice the error code and search for it on the m$ support sites.

i can determine the reason if ill have the bsod logs , their kept in c:\windows\minidump , compress em and upload to

They can really mess things up. Your system is suddenly being halted and things are most likely not being shutdown/saved properly. I have had windows become corrupt and unbootable from this. Turns out it was a compusa tuner card causing it.

try to check by running
check application log and system log
There should lie the answer to all your problems