Blue screen after restarting Windows


I’ve bought sims 2 and the expension pack: Free time.
Then I started sims2 Free Time and I received a message; emulation software detected blablabla. I got the tip to close cloneCD and restart Windows.
I got a bluescreen when I restarted windows, with only the mouse, nothing more. :eek:
Who can help me?


Roxy (14)

Would you please attach/upload your latest Minidump file (usually in C:\Windows\Minidump).

[QUOTE=Roxynda;2281783]… with only the mouse, nothing more. :eek:
[/QUOTE] :confused: Can you elaborate on that ?
You get the BSOD when moving the mouse ?

See if you can get to safe mode, F8 whilst booting, and go to system restore and choose the day before all this happened.
This should give you back control unless there is something else going on.