Blue ray to DVD



I have had DVD Fab for forever I just tried to go from Blue ray to DVD and it worked fine but in the corner was the Fab logo. Is this just a trial version or how do I get rid of that, thanks hope this isn’t too stupid of a question


If it is encoded into the video, you won’t get rid of it. Not without causing more picture quality issues than you solve.

I suggest using a free program called BD Rebuilder to convert blu ray to dvd-video. It will also annihilate DVDFab in the quality of the conversion.

You’ll need to start with an unencrypted blu ray, since BD Rebuilder does not include any type of decryption capability. Here is a guide for doing this type of conversion in BD Rebuilder:


Yes, BD Rebuilder is a free program. It relies on several auxiliary programs that need to be installed with it, but those are also free to use.

My guide for basic use of the program is getting woefully out of date, but it should still help you in setting up the program: