Blue ray to a standard Tosh 32" TV?

I’ve noticed many blu-ray players having component video and S-VHS outputs.

Of course a HD movie won’t look as good on my Toshiba 32zp38b (32" CRT with 100hz mode). Yet won’t it still look as good if not better than a DVD ???.

I wonder if the S-VHS output is only for DVD’s and not blu-rays. I’ve also heard that some folk have had their picture flicker when playing a blue ray.

What’s the chance of a blue ray working on my TV ?. It has scart and s-vhs inputs, optical audio etc. It’s an AAA rated TV !, excellent picture quality.


Out of curiosity why would you want to do this? Can’t take advantage of the technology of the ultra-expensive player without an HDTV. If you are lucky it will look as good as a standard DVD but IMHO there is absolutely no sense buying one at a premium price-tag right now if you don’t even have the set to support it. Wait until you can get a high-def TV and then purchase a Blu-Ray player at a lower cost and with finalized specs (keep in mind Blu-Ray is still under development right now).

I’m seeing the benefit (over DVD) of blu-ray on my pc…yet a HDTV is out of the question right now (especially as I’ve just fixed my Tosh :-)).

I expect my TV is better than DVD, though not up to HD standard I would be suprised if I didn’t see some improvement with a ‘good’ blu-ray player S-VHS/scart connection…


Anyone with experience of scart/S-VHS outputs on the players ???


Your best bet will be connecting the players from Component RGB and Optical to your Toshiba 32zp38b.

S-Video is only 480 while Component can deliver 1080 video. Component also provides better color definition and resolution compared to S-Video.