Blue-ray/hd discs - is era of single layer/dl dvd writers about to finish?



I read today that hd/blue-ray technology is about to appear. does that mean that the time for single layer/dual layer discs is aboout to finish?
what about the benq’s , necs., plextors. they currently don’t make any blue-ray/hd burner. when will that change? how soon?

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Well blu ray drives will be out by the end of the year/ early 2006 and they will be expensive so i still think DVD writers will have a place for a long time still. It will be like the transition between CD and DVD. CD burners and readers are still available but prices have collapsed to almost nothing. When blue ray comes out it will be expensive for quite a while just like dvd so dvd will still be the preferred choice for a while to come.