Blue Ray DL Media. Best Value?



I’m looking for 50GB Blu Ray Media. Which is the best value? I’ll pay for quality over coasters.


I’m not sure there is a consensus of opinion regarding the DL blu ray media. Normally I recommend Verbatim or SmartBlu for single layer, but I haven’t heard any reports of extraordinary results with the Verbatim 50gb disks, and the SmartBlu DL discs are made by CMC, not FTI/Falcon, so they are probably not much better than any of the other Taiwanese made media.

For a while there were good user reviews coming in for the Japanese made DL blu ray sold under the Sony, TDK and Panasonic brands. Extremely expensive though, and the cheaper discs out of Taiwan have pushed them out of the market for the most part. Most of the DL media sold under the Sony, TDK and Panasonic brands are now made in Taiwan or even China.

Nikoneko Ya (a Japanese online shop) still sells Panasonic DL discs made in Japan, but the shipping costs make this very expensive for US buyers.


Thanks Kerry56
I hope to get some more input. From what I’ve seen so far, Verbatim is the best all around deal. I am a little surprised by the market for this right now. I really thought there would be some good competition. It may be a little early for home users.

Thanks again