Blue ray burner advice



Kindly, Santa has brought me a shiney PS3 to play with and as it has a blue ray player inside i thought i might as well invest in a blue ray burner. Can anyone suggest a good one. I know they are quite expensive at the moment but the prices are dropping month by month. I would rather however pay a little bit more for a decent one. Any suggestions folks :confused:



I have the LG GWW-H20L blu ray burner. It seems fine so far. Here is the review for this burner at cdfreaks:

It can also read HD-DVD, and may be one of the last drives made with that capability if that is a concern.

Faster drives are coming out. Top speed for this drive using BD-R is 6x and I know of one Sony that is 8x, and I believe I read that a Pioneer has already been announced with 8x BD-R speed.


Thanks Kerry56 will give it a look. $300…thats going to be alot more over here in the UK :sad:

Better get saving up !! :doh: