Blue laser laptops-What does that drive cost?

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kind of interesting. Whereas a lot of people, when they hear of the new blue laser laptops, they might be wondering what kind of a experience watching a film on one would be like. In…

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For USA The Blu Ray Laptop is actually the VGN-AR190G and cost about $3,500 and the Toshiba Goes for about $2,999 Retail it looks
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Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi oi oi!

Thanks Jef I shoulda made that clear in the article. One thing that is odd now though after seeing your comment, is that there is a price difference on the laptops in US but not Australia. Looks like 600 Australian Dollars = 452.280 US Dollars too.
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Naw! You were right i was being picky.

Under US$500 for a notebook HD DVD drive NOW? We are going to see notebook burners supporting Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD-RAM, CD-R, and DVD+R/-R priced at US$100 by the time 4-core notebooks become ubiquitous hopefully.

>> Looks like, if you shell out over 5 grand for one of these nice laptops, you might want to protect yourself with an extended warranty! Ya! RITE! Like 5 grand isn’t enough of a cash grab… >:(

Ya! RITE! Like 5 grand isn’t enough of a cash grab… > umm. then again on something this fragile and this expensive it would seem like the prudent thing to do.