Blue Flash - video signal lost



My system monitor flashe blue and sometimes returns to normal, but usually loses the video signal and goes into powersave mode (no signal message displays). Turning the monitor off for a few seconds, then back on restores the signal. In 60 sec or less, the problem repeats itself. I also noticed glitches in the output (image skews horizontaly for an instant) just prior.

The issue does not seem to affect the computer yet.

I am thinking the video card is overheating (after shutdown the pcb opposite the GPU (Nvidia Ti4400) was hot to touch.

I removed the AGP card, and inspected it, but have not attempted to remove the heatsink/fan. There does not appear to be any damage (that is visually detactable).

Should I attempt to remove/replace the video card heatsink, or just replace the agp card? Could this be he mobo chipset overheating, or possibly the CPU?

Any advice/suggestions welcome! Sorry for the long incoherent post, but am in a rush (borrowing sister’s laptop).


Have you tried a another monitor? Sounds like it’s dying.


Good thought… I will give that a shot…

but if it is my monitor, I will miss my beloved Sony G400 :frowning:

UPDATE: Dizzy, you were 100% correct! Sound the trumpets! A moment of silence for my dearly departed Sony CPD-G400. :sad:

…and only does not make CRTs anymore :a :a :a