Blue error screen

A few moments after I enter my password at the login screen, I get a system error message and a blue screen with a long message. The message never stays longs and my laptop restarts very shortly after.

Currently Im running my laptop in safe mode with networking, and its working smoothly.

The only thing I can think of causing this could be the virus that installed itself a few days ago. It was for anti-virus removal. I didn’t have an anti-virus software at the time, so I was forced to do a system restore. Right after that I noticed the anti-virus (actual virus) had been removed but I couldn’t use my laptop any more without constantly getting blue error messages.

I tried system restore a few times after but I kept getting the same blue screen. I have also tried to use the fix system setting by pressing F8 when turning on my laptop but again nothing :frowning:


you could run a virus scanner off a live CD (see for some suggestions). You should at least use 2 CDs, since any AV software is semi-blind.

Then prepare yourself to reinstall your system.


So I just tried the AVG repair disk and scanned my laptpo for viruses I found 56 trojans. Then got rid of them, then logged back into my main account and got the sme blue screen 5 seconds after.

Iv also tried the registry fix thing too I had allot errors but I got those fixed too.

Im still running in safe mode, is there anything else I can do from here?

reinstall your system

Back up your data, format your HDD and reinstall from scratch.


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So after I removed the errors I went back into safe mode and did another registry fix. My laptop has never run smoother.

Thanks for the help guys :smiley:

The most common cause for blue screen system crashes are driver related. The fact that SafeMode works for you pretty much proves that to be the case. It was prob a currupted driver and that has been fixed.

Anytime you get a virus (or in your case virii) they’ll cause more damage even when they’re removed. Even though it seems to be working fine and most errors are fixed…Id do a complete system reformat, wipe it clean, reinstall and this time install an A/V scanner. There are tons of free ones including Microsoft’s Security Tools.

I turned on my laptop today and it crashed again. Yesterday I had it on for more than 4hours without a blue screen error.

It the moment Im running a registry scan useing uniblue registry booster 2010 Im hoping that helps. Is there any free anti virus software I can use? Everytime I try installing avg 2010 I get erorr messages. Im running on a 64bit system by the way.

reinstall your system

'nuff said.