Blue CD-Rs

Hello, does anyone know where I can buy CD-Rs online with a Blue or Green dye colour?

As I own the Yamaha CRW-F1, I want to burn DiscT@2s on my discs. It seems that the darkgreen dye CD-Rs are not produced anymore, so are the blue ones.

Those light green CD-Rs are not very good for writing DiscT@2s on them, as its nearly invisible.

Look for discs under the Khypermedia,or Memorex brand,both of them market multi colored discs possibly including the Blue discs
you speak of. Try They sell both…:bow:

try to find some verbatim metal azo cdrs(made by mitsubishi). they are the best for DiscT@2s.

princo is a green disc but they have excelent contrast and should work very well in that drive. also any of the Verbatim Datalife Plus.

verbaitims i find are lush by far…

Fujifilms are usually Taiyo Yudens, which are a blue color (cyanine.)

KHypermedia discs are made by CMC and have very light phthalo dye, so designs would probably have no contrast. The 48x media also doesn’t even burn at its rated speed.

Multicolored discs don’t work with disc T@2 according to the cdfreaks review of the CRW-F1.

Originally posted by thetractorboy
verbaitims i find are lush by far…

you must be talking about the super azo verbatims which are dark green in colour. metal azo is very dark blue in colour.

The problem is the dye colour.
Those multicoloured Memorex or Nonames just have their polycarbonate coloured - just like the PSX discs have a black polycarbonate.

I bought some Verbatims, but they are just light blue (Super AZO).
I hope I find some Metal-AZO, darkblue Verbatims.