Blue CD-Rs

The last batches of CD-Rs I’ve bought (Verbatims) have a silver sheen to the playing surface (I guess so they look like “pressed” cds?) , and I’ve noticed that they are less compatible with audio CD Players than the “older” dark-blue dye Fujis (Taiyo Yuden) I’ve been using when I can get them.

Are these “blue” CD-Rs still widely available? More specifically, are the Taiyo Yudens I see advertised from reputable websites “blue” or “silver”?

The last batch you’ve bought has the so-called phthalocyanine dye (yellow). I guess you bought DataLife and not DataLifePlus/Super Azo/Sonic Azo/Metal Azo ones? The DataLife Extra Protection Surface are inferior media, not made by Verbatim/Mitsubishi and not with their media code.

You’re mixing up things with dark blue. Verbatim’s own Azo technology (dark blue or light blue) is different from Taiyo Yuden’s Cyanine (greenish or light blue) technology. The most compatible disc undoubtedly is made by TY.

TY is always Cyanine (green-blue).
Verbatim’s own DataLifePlus media is Azo (blue).
Other companies all use Phthalocyanine (yellow).

Nowadays, Cyanine and Azo media do not have the stability issues which plagued it in the past, they are at least on a par with phthalocyanine media, almost no manufacturer bothers to make good phthalocyanine media.

I hope I got it all right, maybe somebody else can make it better though.

Thanks, KG, that helps me a lot. I never thought of those other dyes as “yellow” or “green,” I just thought they used a silvery sheen to make the discs look like pressed cds.

Nero CD-Speed reports that these Verbatims I recently bought are Mitsubishi (MCC).

-QUOTE- Kg_evilboy
"Other companies all use Phthalocyanine (yellow)."

Bulkpaq have a dark blue dye Phthalocyanine cdr manufactured by Prodisk.

Actually Phthalocyanin is colorless. Cyanin is Blue/green (there are differences in the color due to additives) and AZO is Deep Blue.
The color you see with Phthalocyanin media is from additives they add for UV protection etc.

Those are proprietary color additives to mask the origin of the discs.

Most of the other companies use cyanine to the best of my knowledge.

I’ve only seen Taiyo Yuden using cyanine recently, most other companies (CMC, MBI, Ritek…) are using phthalocyanine by Mitsui/MAM-A/-E.


Phthalocyanine dye is pale green, appearing yellow-green on a gold-backed disc :iagree:

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This page seems quite unreliable to me. It does not consider manufacturers adding proprietary color additives. Besides, I don’t think my Verbatim TY Pastel Discs are all gold. They are undoubtedly cyanine, but having that emerald color.

Hmm i’m not so sure if that pthalocyanine is comming from Mitsui.

There are more compannies who have there own pthalocyanine formulation.
CHIBA PLASMON (ULTRA GREEN) - For instance and I have reasons to assume that Chiba plasmon actually might be larger as Mitsui these days on the dye market when it comes to Phtalocyanine.

The patents for Phthalocyanine Dye are held by Mitsui (formerly by Mitsui Toatsu) of Japan and Ciba Specialty Chemicals of Switzerland. Today many different firms have patented the Dye and are selling it to various CD-R manufacturers.