Blubster breaks 3,000

I just posted the article Blubster breaks 3,000.

The word is getting out on this fast growing network, as its user base is rivalling medium sized networks:

Blubster is the new way to share music over the internet.

With a…

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does anybody here use this? is it better than winmx?

I don’t know why, but my intuition say’s to me not to join.

i think this one got potential. good feel to it, all it needs right now is more users

I’ll wait until the word is out as to how much spyware they’ve packed into it.

i have kazaa. when it gets shut down, i’ll look elseware. but we do have nice progs like direct connect which can’t be shut down. sweet.

How much do you guys know about the history of this company or program??? Reputation??? I’m just saying that you shouldn’t trust anything right away. If it sound too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. How do you know it’s not operated by some anti-piracy organization and they have their ways of logging your information down (IP, ect.)??? Be careful…

DanDaMan - that’s called entrapment. If they deliberately try and promote file sharing and try to make you use their product to file share and then arrest you for it then its entrapment and you can turn around and sue them.

@nila: Most governments don’t care. It’s happeened before and people have gone to jail for it.

i used it last night and i got a BSOD. i then returned to winmx :slight_smile:

what’s so bad about a p2p sharing program We can never have enough p2p programs