Blubster 2.5 promises anonymous downloads, RIAA protection

I just posted the article Blubster 2.5 promises anonymous downloads, RIAA protection.

Blubster 2.5 promises anonymous downloads for
its users. The music sharing service based in Spain has developed a new
technology that should protect its users from being traced by organisations…

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Blubster Lite anyone? :wink:

Blubster at one time was a great piece of software. Sometime back the creator Pablo Soto parted ways with his partners due difference. Pablo owns the code for the software and the protocol that it uses. So he create a new software called Piolet,, which was going to be the new Blubster 2.0 at the time. But the company that owns Blubster has now bundled it with spyware Gator. Blubster from what I have seen doesn’t have any improvement or anything new. So I would suggestion to get Piolet, created by the same guy who created Blubster and doesn’t have spyware in it.

download speeds and search results on piolet and blubster seem to be very good. it’s a shame that it’s music only.

I dunno if anyone noticed, but the gator software can be provented from being started by renaming the exe’s and renaming some .txt files to the exe’s names. Checks for the software only seem to check that the executables are there, and not the file sizes :slight_smile:

yeah, it works when you renaming files. Oh well, next release GATOR will do a CRC check to run the files even though they are renamed.