According to a news report, recent sales figures suggest a flattening out of Blu-ray and DVD sales, with DVD still outpacing the new high-definition video format. After buying a Blu-Ray disk player, I think I know why.

Blu-Ray disks are quite a bit more “fussy” than standard DVDs, are more easily damaged and there are more hiccups with play back. Watching my first few Blu-Ray rentals proved a telling experience as I felt like I was watching my first few DVDs years ago, which also tended to be problematic. Perhaps new ones with no blemishes would be better, but I suspect a tiny scratch on a Blu-Ray is a much bigger deal than on a standard DVD.

So far, I’m looking for a way to convert Blu-Ray disks to standard DVD, but I’ve found nothing. If I can figure out how to do that, I’ll be on a whole different road.

I’ve also compared regular DVD movies to Superbit movies of the same title and I still can’t see any difference. Whatever was the advantage of Superbits?