Blu-ray's war just started

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Early adaptors have been waiting for this to happen, the end of the high-definition format war. But, after three years of moderate violence and a blue winner we can now make a solid choice. Some…

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Price, price, price. Get that price under $150 and people will convert, get the price under $100 and discussion is over. THEN get the blu discs somewhere near dvd price and get us an affordable burner. If it takes 3 more years for this to happen, then expect to lose out on some market share…

Price or bust. HR Xvid’s & x264 are “free” :wink:

Yep, pretty much, price is factor. If movie studios were smart and wanted another high-def disc format, they should’ve went with HD-DVD. But now, the lowest price of Blu-Ray player is $350. Not to mention that ALL Blu-Ray Players that you buy today (except PS3) won’t support Profile 2.0.

Most people are happy with DVDs, which was not the case with VHS tapes. With other means to get HD grade movies besides a packaged product and remote chances of significant Blu Ray price drops means that the format just won’t be such a huge success.

Toshiba ended the HD format war - NOT the consumers. The consumers couldn’t care less since they are quite content with DVD. I don’t believe that Blu-ray will achieve the market penetration that Sony et al are expecting. The biggest stumbling block is HD displays - how many people are going thow out their existing SD TVs just to watch HD content ? Not many I’d say, even with price drops on HD TVs.

I am extremely happy with Apple TV, HD downloads plus Handbrake and DVD rentals. What I need is cheap Blu-Ray burner and BD-Rs for permanent storage of consumed movies. I own PS3 but I will never comeback to Structured DVD/BD discs with prerecorded content. Malimarek :slight_smile:

Posted by BitRate on Tuesday 26 February 2008 11:14 The biggest stumbling block is HD displays - how many people are going thow out their existing SD TVs just to watch HD content ? Not many I’d say, even with price drops on HD TVs. --------------- In the USA the ending of analog broadcasts will cause a changeover a lot sooner than you think.

@ ivid Right on the nose, as usual. People are waaaay more tech-savy now then when we went from VHS to DVD. People want hi-def, but they know they can download a 720p x264 copy of “Saving Ryan’s Privates” for free and play it on their PC. Why shell out $500 for a soon-to-be-obsolete Blu-ray player and $35 for a movie when you can go to your favourite torrent site? Blu-ray won a battle. It did not win the war. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all about being customer friendly. Unfortunately blu-ray isn’t. Regioncodes all over again. This is the main reason I don’t touch the format. I love HD, I love owning movies, but don’t expect me to love taking DRM+restrictions in the rear. When I pay for something I wan’t to be able to do with it as I please. With blu-ray I can’t. As long as they obviously hate their customers, the customers will dislike them. On the bright side, there is a very good alternative out there. One that most ppl here have tried and love… I’m of course talking about downloaded movies. No DRM, no fuzz… just works. I wish the movie industry would go for “just works” for once.

Why did more studios support BluRay at the first place? You might think that it was only because SONY paid them well. The buyout did affect their decisions but DRM & more restrictions they could shove up in their paid customers @$$es are what they were supporting. Customer Friendly has long died even before the HD days. But in the end, whom are they screwing? Themselves. I will NOT buy a single copy of BD movie until I could pay it once and play it anywhere I want. Long live AnyDVD HD. Now all I hope is that I could get a player supporting mkv soon. :d

Hooray!, Blu-Ray won! At least when there was a format war, it forced them to drop their prices a bit and offer some movies with player purchases… Id like to see what the special offers are now with NO other HD competition… Im sitting this out till BD becomes more affordable… As someone pointed out, it may take about 3 years or more to get near the price point that the DVD format now commands…
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I would hope competition between brands would force price drops. Samsung, Panasonic, LG etc… all need to compete against each other and the PS3 for player sales now so I would hope prices drop.

Whether Blu movies will drop to DVD price level remains to be seen. They wasted too much money on the new DRMs and now the consumer will have to pay. They will get us on royalties. As for hardware it will drop real quick. I just checked and a 4x blu rom goes for around $150 :slight_smile: I’ll probably wait for around that much for a burner and get it together with a 24" LCD.

‘The Blu-ray Disc Association won the war because publishers and retailers made a choice for the consumer.’ That’s what I’ve been trying to say. Prices will drop, eventually. Remember when dvd burners were new technology and they cost $300-$800? Now you can get a good one for $25! BD players may not get THAT cheap, but it will get better.


Blu-Ray has a long way to go . . I like my HD-DVD system and movies very much. This consumer did not choose blu-ray. The movie studios and retailers chose. I am buying more hd-dvd movies as attractive titles keep dropping prices. I like my anamorphic standard definition dvd’s played upconverted to my high def TV very much. I do not like blu-ray profiles, drm or prices. I have no need for a blu-ray player in any hurry. That’s the way it is until some major changes occur with blu-ray.

We still have crazy pricing for DUAL LAYER DVDs!! Until you can buy a 50 pack of dual layer discs for less than single layer discs are today… nothing will change. Even hard drives are cheaper on a cost per Gigabyte (which in theory LASTS LONGER)… so why choose disc media? You want to move blue ray into the mainstream? Recorders need to be chopped to $150 TODAY… Players to $99 TODAY… blank media can have 50% price cuts every six months until they’re around $3 a piece and hold about there… dual layer dvds will replace single layer dvds… by the end of 2009… and all will be right with the world…