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I just got into lu-Ray, I just bought a Blu-Ray disk, before I try, will it copy to a non-Blu-Ray disk?

[QUOTE=durkinjt;2466369]I just got into lu-Ray, I just bought a Blu-Ray disk, before I try, will it copy to a non-Blu-Ray disk?[/QUOTE]

You bought a commercial movie on blu-ray and want to copy it to a standard DVD? What programs do you have for ripping/copying?

I would suggest AnyDVD HD for ripping to the hard drive as an ISO file. Then Slysoft’s VirtualClone Drive to mount the ISO.

To reduce to fit a blank dvd, either a single layer or DL, you can use a free program called BD-Rebuilder. This process will take quite a lot of time depending on the speed of your computer. You’ll also need a lot of room for both the end product and the working files.

Burn to a disk using ImgBurn.

DVDFab now has the ability to do all these steps, and is reportedly faster at the encoding, but only because it doesn’t use the Trellis algorithm which is default in BD-Rebuilder (can be turned off there).

By the way, you should be aware that not all Blu ray players support playback from BD-5 or BD-9 disks (blu ray structure on dvds).

Would a Blu-Ray Dvd burner be needed also?

[QUOTE=durkinjt;2466635]Would a Blu-Ray Dvd burner be needed also?[/QUOTE]

No. If you are burning blu ray structure to dvds, you will just need a dvd burner for that. You will need a BD-Rom drive at least, to copy the movie to the hard drive.

I would suggest making movie only backups if you are going to compress all the way down to DVD-5 level. And only one sound track.

Going to DVD-9 would result in better quality output of course, using less compression, but you would need to use Verbatim DL +R disks to burn them.

The results from all this will not play on a stand alone dvd player. It may or may not work on your particular Blu Ray player, depending on its capabilities. The Sony BD players seem to be the most forgiving for this type of disk. Ironic. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kerry,
So , basically, I can copy to a Dvd disc, if I burn the Blu ray disc to the hard drive, using a Blu Ray burner?

You don’t need a Blu Ray burner, just a Blu Ray drive that can read the disks and allow you to [B]rip[/B] the movie to the hard drive. BD-Rom drives are considerably cheaper than BD writers.

For example, this Lite-on BD-Rom drive is $60 at Newegg.

The least expensive BD burner at Newegg is this LG model for $180:

AnyDVD HD is not cheap though, and is a necessary piece of software for this process. BD-Rebuilder is still free, though I’m sure it will become a commercial program once it is out of beta.

Thanks, good to know Kerry I can buy a reader, its only for the one use, I have about 10 Dvd burners, mostly Benq’s so just need it to get on the hard drive,If I did chose to spring for some Blu Ray media will I be able to write it also?
I have AnyDvd, is it the only program that can do the job, as I have DVDfab, Clone, DvdRebuilder,Shrink, Imgburn. Glad you mentioned the BDrebuilder, never heard of it. Thanks again for all the help, God bless this program, I have saved hours due to the good people here. Did I miss anything?
Jim Durkin

Blu ray media can only be burned with a Blu Ray burner, so no, the BD-Rom drive won’t do that, and no plain dvd writer can burn it either. If you anticipate the need for burning Blu Ray media, you’ll have to get a Blu Ray burner.

AnyDVD has two different tiers these days. The regular AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD. Only the HD version can decrypt and rip Blu Ray. If you already have the HD version, you are set. If not, you can upgrade.

DVDFab has an add on for Blu Ray. The Blu Ray to Blu Ray add on looks like it costs €105.60 for the [I]free[/I] lifetime updates.

Here is the page where you can download BD Rebuilder:
BD Rebuilder requires that you have AviSynth, FFDshow, and Matroska Splitter installed first, but they are all free, and there are direct links to them in the first post of that thread. Make sure to read that first post for instructions on installing FFDshow.

Kerry,Thanks again for your patience.I bought the Blu Ray reader off the link you gave me, only upped to the retail instead of the OEM, was only a few dollars more. My DvdFab has a Blu Ray to Blu Ray function, if that’s the one you mean. I have never used it or even knew it was there til you mentioned it, strange, after my initial payment I never paid any more money, yet I have this feature that I thought was an extra payment to upgrade to it. I always use any upgrade and have the latest version, but never paid any other fees.

                                      Jim Durkin

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I used DvdFabhd to load to harddrive, again using DvdFab to burn it, rejected my Dvd5 disc and wanted a blu ray doublelayer. I had it in the Movie only mode. Also when opening the downloaded blu ray file on the hard drive it gives several options to open as opposed to a Dvd that only requires opening the video file.

I don’t use DVDFab for anything, much less for Blu ray backups. If you need advice on how to backup Blu ray videos with it, you’ll need to talk to the people who frequent the DVDFab subforum.

Once you have the Blu ray movie on the hard drive, you can then use BD-Rebuilder to compress to DVD5 or DVD9 size. So that path is available to you also.