Blu Ray xl Burner?

Any suggestions on blu ray xl burners?

I didn’t still see any BD-XL media :s


Use Search, there are some threads about it!

I meant in the stores. There’re a few but sooooo expensive. You can buy flash memory instead :bigsmile:

I don’t know if it helps, but in several months maybe one can expect a slight drop in prices, especially that for the European union MEDIACOM has announced to finally bring BD-XL media on a big scale. The announcement was in spring, and almost immediately Buffalo announced a new USB3.0 external BDXL burner. Ever since then…

dunno about the market in the States though.

This only will flood the market with cheapo garbage XL media like Riteks.

Have Fun using them…

yeah that is true. but honestly, I see no reason to use such big TL BDRs anyway. why not use two DLs or four 25gbs? Makes no sense to me.

You can use a pile of CDRs also in exchange for 1 BD-R XL if you want. :smiley:

xD backing up my NAS and PC would require over 500lb of CDRs. maybe I can get a discount… haha

LG BH14NS40 :wink:

Pioneer BDR-2208
Pioneer BDR-207MBK

LGs 14x and 16x BD drives can do that aswell as Samsungs 506* and clones, and of course Pioneer 206MBK/207MBK/XL08 and all their clones…