Blu ray writing modes / methods available?



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I was wondering what are all of the blu-ray, CD and DVD writing modes, methods, or strategies available, as I know that packet writing was a very bad idea with CD-RWs, at least, when the data easily got corrupted.

What application is needed to use the most blu-ray writing methods?

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Depending on how detailed you wish to get, this could require quite a bit of research/reading on your part. This short answer, it’s not the application but the drive’s capabilities which determine which write modes are supported and those will only apply to CD’s. With most DVD burners you only have DAO and incremental session as options. You might want to learn more about the different file systems one can use when burning optical media as opposed to the write modes. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


Thanks, very much, for your help, Whappo.

I basically wanted to know if I was using the most stable writing method available using my new Buffalo blu-ray drive to write a blu-ray data disc, as it seems to suggest from the burning logs, after a burn, that it is using a packet/incremental writing method?

I do see within the CyberLink Power2Go application that it has the option to change the UDF version that will be used to burn the blu-ray disc.

I will need to look in to the different UDF versions available, when I have a little more time, but thanks again.

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After a lot of research I finaly found this thread to ask my question …

In this review of the LG BH08LS20 Blu-ray burner :

you can read this:

Blu-ray Format Type:
[B]Similar to DVD-RAM[/B] , a Blu-ray disc can be formatted in the following types: UDF 1.50, UDF 2.00, UDF 2.50, UDF2.60, and FAT32.
Once we have logically formatted a BD-R or BD-RE disc, it can be used to write files just as you would do with a Pen Drive, Flash Drive, hard disk or DVD-RAM.
In the illustration below we will [B]use Panasonic UDF Formatter ( DVDForm ) version to format a BD-RE disc[/B].
DVDForm offers several format types for BD-RE disc

I have been quite surprised to read that a BD-RE disc can be used like a DVD-RAM (after formating in Fat32 or UDFxxx ?) while writing files on the fly through the Windows Explorer

I like to know if anybody has experience about this feature under Windows 7 [B]and if this possibility depends on the brand and model of the BD burner (like suggested above)[/B]

I suppose that you absolutly need the version of DVDForm (the Panasonic UDF formatter) to be able to do this
or is there a way to do this under Windows 7 alone ?