Blu-ray writers significant price increase

This is just an observation: the prices of blu-ray drives seem to have risen significantly over the last year. The real example: in spring 2019 I got my ASUS BW-16D1HT from for £58.49. Right now the price is £89.99 for the very same retail box! No kidding.

Not many blu-ray drives being sold or made these days, so there is little or no competition on price.

A lot of folks don’t realize that USB Flash drives go bad, ( I have had this happen), and they take your data to Valhalla from whence they reside with Odin and are inaccessible to the User.

I have only had two CD’s go bad on me to the point that I could not recover data and that was from Sun damage reflected from a window and mirror in the room.

Kept in the dark, most optical media is pretty stable. They can have my Blu-ray burner when they pry it from my hands. :grinning: LOL !!!

Also a bit more xpensive in germany, BDR-212DBK raises from 55€ to 62€ (Bulk), BH16NS55 raises about 10€ to 72€ (Bulk)

Maybe the MPAA tax has gone up…