Blu-ray wont tape



my blu-ray wont tape any thing when i turn my tv off,
i select the show i would like to tape and then turn my tv off and it shuts every thing off,
i spoke to a panasonic person on the phone and he said to turn off the viera link on on the tv and dvd, did that and it didnt help


Disable CEC on your blu-ray player/recorder device whatever it is so it doesn’t turn off when you turn the TV off. It might also be called “HDMI control” or something similar.
At any rate, I’d expect a PVR to automatically “wake up” at an appropriate time, if you’ve set the recording properly.
I’d also expect that your PVR records to the HDD first, and then you tell it to record what’s on the HDD to the Bluray.

You might want to actually provide model numbers, and explain what you’re actually trying to do, how you are doing it, what discs you are using & etc/etc.