Blu-ray with menu does not play on DVD+R, but does on BDRE

I am at a lost at this point, I eliminated most of the cause I know. I have fairly good experience with DVD, but new to blu-ray.

With BD-Rebuilder (and the recommended version of Haali, ffdshow, avisynth) I reduce a Bluray to dvd-9 and burn it to a DVD+R DL then my LG BD555 does not accept the disk. But if I burn the same folders (BDMV and certificate) to a BD-RE is works fine. If I reduce to DVD-5, same results does not work on DVD but does on Blu-Ray.
Now if I do the same but select movies only, then it works fine with DVD+R as well as BD_RE. Or if I reauthor removing the original menu and replacing them with the menus of multiavchd, then it works fine on all media.

I tried different movies (inception and Never let me go), different burner (Pioneer 216 and a Liteon IHBS112), different type of media (DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R), two different brands of dvd (Verbatim and Ritek), even change booktype (i know… I am an old geek from the early days of X360). So I have more or less exclude the burn part at this point.

my rip seems ok, since a processing to the same folders burn to BD-R is working fine.

What is different with the DVD that prevent the same files with full menu from working?

TIA, _soso

Do the full movie backups on the dvds work in the computer drives, playing back with PowerDVD, WinDVD or Arcsoft TMT?

Are you using the strict AVCHD compatible settings within BD Rebuilder?

This sounds like an issue in your player, rather than anything being done by BD Rebuilder. Does your player specifically say it is compatible with AVCHD? Players are not required to recognize blu ray video on dvd media.

They all play well on Arcsoft TMT

Not sure on the “strict AVCHD compatible” , the options is not selected and I was reading that as restricting the Strict AVCHD to “Movie-only” if selected. Like that I understand it applies to all.

Note that since Movie-only works and multiavchd output works on DVD-5 with same player, I conclude it did accept it. But you might be right.

Not very familiar with what is allowed on a bluray structure yet, but can I just keep menus and remove most m2ts for origianl rip (39GB) such that it fits on a DVD. That would confirm if it is the structure it self that my dvd does not like. I guess I could keep the first m2ts of each playlist???

thks, _soso

Yeah, you’re right, the strict AVCHD is meant for Movie Only output, and doesn’t apply for your problem.

Your best bet is to sign up for the doom9 forum, wait a few days till you’re allowed to post, then ask jdobbs in the DVDRebuilder subforum (which also handles BD Rebuilder questions). He will have more insight on what is going on with your backups.

Since they play correctly with the menus in the computer drive, this does lead me to believe this is a problem with your player more than anything.

Edit: By the way, when you make a menu in MultiAVCHD, are you outputting as blu ray, or as AVCHD?


Edit: By the way, when you make a menu in MultiAVCHD, are you outputting as blu ray, or as AVCHD?[/QUOTE]

Was using bluray,

But maybe I can try to reauthor with Multiavchd and output to avchd Strict? I am assuming I must also burn the avchdtn folder in that case with bdmv and certificate??
worth a try

Well it does seem to be a known issue ( thread ) whereby transfer to a BD-R/RE most players will accept full menu and movie only, but
when put on DVD then only some player will accept both and others movie only.

known situation it seems, I will still try to convert to avchd strict, just for the fun of it.