Blu-ray will take on mandatory managed copy, but not iHD

I just posted the article Blu-ray will take on mandatory managed copy, but not iHD.

 Recently,  Hewlett Packard showed how anxious they were for Blu-ray to adopt mandatory  managed copy and iHD that they planned to jump ship to HD                         DVD if the Blu-ray...
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As HP is the 2nd largest manufacturer of PCs, if they leave Blu-ray, they could potentially end up causing Dell to change its mind and follow also, particularly since Microsoft and Intel both back Blu-ray only, at least at this time. Then you link to page where it says: Intel explains main reason to back HD DVD instead of Blu-ray Posted by Seán Byrne on 06 October 2005 - 00:00 - Source: PC Pro - Desktop Computers While Microsoft has given many reasons to why it favours HD DVD over Blu-ray, apparently the main reason why Intel decided to back HD DVD is due to its mandatory support for Managed Copying Am I missing something?

Obviously a typo. With Sony’s rootkit fiasco, I’m definitely in the HD-DVD camp now. I’d rather buy two HD-DVD discs to have more space then one Blu Ray disc if it means I’m not subject to the draconian measures that Sony is taking with their “internet connection required/we’ll blow up your player if you don’t sign away your first born” crap.

I thought that HD-DVD was going to use the same draconian measures as Sony will “internet connection required/we’ll blow up your player if you don’t sign away your first born” crap. If they make HD-DVD’s not requiring an internet connection in order to play movies, then I’m behind them all the way and Blu-ray and go to hell!!!
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I’m sorry, that was a mistake on my behalf and has been corrected. It should read “… particularly since Microsoft and Intel both back [U]HD DVD[/U] only, …”. Thanks for pointing that out. :wink:
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both hd dvd & bd will be like sony rootkit incident; however, hd dvd will let us make a backup on hdd with drm, but sony insists that that’s not acceptable btw, i think sony stated that why we are making big deals out of rootkit as most of us don’t even know what rootkit is…that’s the attitude of sony…far worse than others have you heard, there will be RED BD DISK with 9GB capacity? i suspect that the disk is based on dvd-9 with hd contents with mpeg4 encoding. this disk will be sold first to alone with real bd disks to make sure bd can also have a price advantage over hd dvd. that’s the point of having bd if they are going to sell 9GB disk? can we just have dvd supporting mpeg4/h264? if they are taking about the future, they should talk about things like holographic disk with 300GB capacity

I was under the impression that the HD-DVD players were not going to require an internet connection. It seems like everything I’ve read so far has indicated that Blu-Ray was the format that was requiring an internet connection. This would allow them to have measures to make cracked DRM obsolete, rendering the player inoperable, etc.

Well , given sony’s past record and it’s absolute customer antipathy, that all customers are thieves, these drives would come with enough built in DRM malware/spyware to sink any computer OS! Oh well, I will now buy the opposition, no more overpriced questionable SONY rebranded equipment for me!