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2005 is here and the companies promoting the next generation storage formats are ready for the last and most important rounds in the \\\'war\\\", which will probably answer the question: which format will become the next standard for movie and data storage?

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good article, thanks guys


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Another great article, thanks!


Good article & explanation, thanks! Maybe the argumentation with regard to disc cost would need some extra analysis: To make a (HD)-DVD disc you need two moulding machines and an extra process to glue the two 0.6mm substrates together, which means you loose valuable seconds. Also the HD-DVD disc tolerances for flatness & thickness are extremely tight (twice more critical than that of normal DVD). To make a Blu-ray disc you need only 1 moulding machine and you don’t have to glue the two substrates, which means less production time. In fact a Blu-ray disc can be compared with an up-side-down CD disc… which is very simple to make. As for disc tolerances of Blu-ray, these are comparable with normal DVD, resulting in an much more controllable production process. This means better yields and that future high-speed discs are easier to make. All in all, you might be able to upgrade DVD lines to make HD-DVD’s, but in time the mass-volume production process itself will be less expensive for Blu-ray.


Very interesting, can you tell me your source (PM or e-mail if you don’t want to post here) thx


Professional writers, who are interested only in clearly communicating their message, not in showing that they know more about their own subject than the reader, define their terms and acronyms.


i got all the information


seäoig pr’x9p ny


Scratches seem a risk with HD-DVD. If present disc substrate is used and density is higher, scratches will have greater effect. Cost of -R media is much cheaper for Blu-Ray per GB. (Wikipedia comparison article)


A far good explaination … :slight_smile:


So, the bottom line is that the only real difference between blu-ray and hd-dvd is that you can store more information on a blu-ray than on an hd-dvd? Which in turn can result in using higher quality video (if we are talking about video) on a blu-ray, which if using standard video formats on an hd-dvd will result in both mediums storing the same amount of data? Synopsis; We have a 64mb usb drive (hd-dvd), we place two 32mb files on IT. Next, we have a 128mb usb drive, (blu-ray) and we place two 64mb files on it. The end result is, on the hd-dvd we have placed two files, and on the blu-ray we have ALSO placed two files on IT. The end result is that the only difference between blu-ray and hd-dvd is storage capacity. This is correct? I may just be curious cause a lot of what I read states that blu-ray is better than hd-dvd. I’m aware of the cost increase for blu-ray is because of the tailoring that must be made to manufacture this medium. I’m not sure if there are any other features of blu-ray that hd-dvd doesn’t have, but if there is,please enlighten me. Thanks - Vorp


Good ! Tnx. Is it obvious that image resolution is the same ? Not clear to me.


Good review. I begin to understand from reading it. My guess is the ease of manufacturer pretty much guarantees the future of blue-ray.


This may be a silly question, but, would it be possible to create some sort of software to enable the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive to read Blu Ray discs?


We have an old proverb, that says: The sound of drom is pleasant rom faraway. It is a very goog article. At the end everybody thinks of more capacity, but what about the negetive points. What happens if in the future consumers have to spend more. (capacity) verses (security against scratch or other damages and so on)which means more costs for consumers and more profit for manufcturers. It may seem nothing, but it is actually a lot.




complications are there but usefull


Please can someone tell me if our regular DVD’s will play on a Blu-ray player?


Yes, your regular DVD’s will play on a Blu-ray player… All you have to do is read the box.