Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: Will there be a winner?

I just posted the article Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: Will there be a winner?.

    It's already known that there are two different next generation optical  media, Blu-ray disc and HD-DVD. Both have different features, and each have advantages and  disadvantages. Both...
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I’m pretty sure the two formats wil co-exist in the same way the dvd+r and dvd-r co-exists. When combo players become the norm, users won’t have to choose side in this war.

I’m sure none will be a winner until the copy protection is cracked :d

I think both formats will survive and co-exist. HD DVD has already exceeded the uptake DVD achieved in it’s first year and has what Warner now claims to be: “sufficient to build a HD DVD business without factoring in additional PC/games sales”. And that is even before the Xbox 360 addon. A strong Q4 will ensure more studios and CE producers flock to HD DVD. Regardless of the outcome of the ‘war’ BluRay will survive on the PS3 so always has some form of future - even if it’s alongside UMD in popularity. Will we see Dual players? I think so. Even though Samsung, LG and other deny it there is almost certainly R&D ongoing to prepare for it - the instant success of Sony’s original Dual format DVD burner won’t have been missed. But by the time they arrive I should imagine most studios will be supporting both formats (with the notable exception of Sony and Universal) hence making such a machine less important.

I hope #3 is the answer too. That way us consumers have a choice if one format uses a higher bitrate or has better transfers from the source.

@Liggy Oh yeahh! i’m definitely gonna buy the one who becomes cracked :d

My prediction: something of between 3 and 4. Blu-ray and HD DVD will be more successful than SACD and DVD Audio but much less successful than some other next-generation storage media.

Right now Blue-ray is winning because all of the movie studios are on board. The only thing that can save HD-DVD is if some dual players get out onto the market fast.

HD-DVD is too far behind the curve to catch up. To the average consumer (a relative luddite), Hollywood support is much more important than data storage or any of the other factors people at CD Freaks consider important. HD-DVD can siphon off just enough market share to ensure mutual failure.