Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Fight or unite?

I just posted the article Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Fight or unite?.

NE Asia Online has published an
interesting cover story on the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD fight in its November
issue. The article compares the formats and discusses possible outcomes of the

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The smart thing would be to have one as a data standard and one as a audio/video standard…this way the people with PC’s will not be able to ‘rip’ or ‘hddvdshrink’ their favourite movies…thus making at home 1:1 piracy far more difficult.

I don’t see that as a smart thing. Neither will the industry I believe: There will be a huge market for HD/Blu-Ray MEDIA use in PCs and HTPCs. There is already one with the current DVDs. Limiting HD/Blu-Ray media use to only stand-alone players would reduce potential customers for both media and PC-hardware.

They were both made as writable first, and non writable second. That is a first. Hard to limit one to just AV in the market place when their main intent was to have writable HD video on there.

Blu-ray IS preferrable and will win for the same reason VHS won over beta. The disk holds more data!!! This is for “Sony:”—you kept competing for a number of years. Why didn’t you keep your superior technology the same and simply add a 6 hour cassette? If this meant a larger loading bay, that would have been cheap and would have kept this market. Superior technology will always win if it combines whatever advantages the “initially more popular” format offers. bobbo.:+

Well I hope Blu-Ray wins but if you read last weeks article here, it said that more film companies were supporting HD-DVD at this point in time.

leaglebob… Unfortunately your assumptions for why VHS won the standard war for tapes has nothing to do with length… it’s actually simpler than you think and might find a bit shocking. Firstly, let it be known that Beta had better video & sound quality, in fact larger betamax tapes are STILL used in the TV industry. Secondly, before VHS/Beta was created you ONLY watched movies in the theater, and people were use to that idea. The biggest fueling need for video at home was to get what you can easily get in the theater, adult entertainment. Sony specifically refused to let adult companies get Beta tapes. Because of this, virtually every adult male bought a VHS machine because if you wanted adult entertainment, you HAD to buy a VHS machine. Well if you didn’t own a a Beta Machine then obviously you’ll buy the VHS version of your movie. My point is, the adult entertainment industry’s inability to use Beta tapes lead to a domino effect that caused VHS to win, despite the fact it was an inferior format. If Sony wasn’t so self righteous and try to censor the format, the first domino wouldn’t have fallen and chances are, Beta would have won the war. People didn’t need 8hrs of recording (at horrible quality), they really just wanted a home format. The quality and the duration of the tape was an afterthought. On a new subject, who will win, HD DVD or BluRay, this one is easy. NEVER underestimate name brand appeal and catching marketing terms. You can argue which format is better but there are 4 terms that are the cornerstone of high quality entertainment… Plasma, HD, Digital, DVD. The term HD-DVD is uses two of them. People will be drawn to a format they already know (DVD) and people want HD. They may not know exactly what these terms mean, but they know it’s better than what they have now. I fully believe HD-DVD will be a preferred format because the customer already knows these terms and thinks they know the technology.

I never heard that Sony’s refusal on porno was the reason. May have been one. But, there were others. VHS 2 hour format. Beta had an odd 1 and 1/2 format. Sony’s strict marketing practices. Fewer sellers other then Sony. It was easier for some manufacturers to get a VHS license. Higher prices. Yes, the picture quality was better on beta. IMHO Sony shot itself in the foot and at times keeps doing it. They’re a year behind the others in marketung a HDD DVD recorder. Don’t underestimate the intelligence or lack there of of the consumer. Consumers comparing DVD vs VHS picture quality are going to be more demanding. Price, picture quality and features are just as important as a simple name HD DVD. I actually forsee both coexisting. Especially if manufacturers will develop and market dual pick ups.