Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: and the winner is

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 Here we are  again. Each day we can read about wonders of both Hi Definition formats, and  each day there is a different winner. Today the winner is Blu-ray. According a new analysis published...
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  1. They’ll support whoever wins. 2. Lets see, price drop for XBox360 when the drive comes out this Christmas, making it cheaper than PS3. 3. True, but so will HD-DVD players…still making them cheaper than Blu-ray players. 4. True 5. Sony will need all the help it can get. It took a huge hit on all those bad batteries, and will be taking a large loss on every PS3 sold…

What a load cr@p, what they meant to say was: 1. Studio Supprt => lots of DRM “features”. 2. Play Station 3 => will get delayed again and piss everyone off. 3. Price => HD DVD is cheaper now and will always be. 4. Politics => Anyone with common sense avoids Sony 5. Peace Treay => 2007 Sony files for brankruptcy after another failure . .
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You forgot Video 2000 - a german Video Format by Grundig which was technically the best (e.g. 8 hour tapes short after start, great quality) but was least supported. So the video war was a 3-format-war! And the worst format won. So much for the customer decision - the format most pushed by the industry (in this case also Sony) won! And I fear same will happen with Blu-Ray. The consumer masses are still a horde of lemmings!

unfortunately, blue-ray will be the winner. It was the first to the market, it’s cheaper, its’ larger in space and faster in capabilites… HOWEVER… Holographic DVD’s are ALREADY in existance. I can’t remember the company name right now, but 4 months ago here on cdfreaks I read the article and googled it for further research, it was true, there is a 3.2 TB (TERABYTE) DVD, yea, it’s hella expensive right now but give it a few years… my real question, is what is going to replace the current hard drives we have? we are upto 750 GB which isn’t much and they are slow as heck when that fast, when are we going to have 10 TB hd’s ?

I read an interesting opinion somewhere last week. Someone theorised that MS is trying to break Sony financially with this game console war. The person said maybe MS created the Xbox when they did, to coincide with the profit cycle of the PS2. Just like the PS3 at first, the PS2 lost Sony money, and this guy said they were just hitting the profit point. The Xbox was cutting into their sales though. The Xbox 360 was released when it was, in order to force Sony to bring out the PS3 before they wanted to-they were not ready to stop milking the PS2. Now Sony is suffering from the double whammy, Xbox cutting into PS2 and also throwing money at the PS3 in response to thte 360! It kind of makes sense, as the PS3 is about 5-6 years ahead of it’s time. No one needs a blu-ray game console right now. And no one is even able to create the parts for the darn thing reliably yet, or cheaply enough. Which is why we see all the delays. Rob Peter to pay Paul. No Set tops, because all BR parts are needed to fight the Xbox360. Now, MS has the lead in the next cycle, releasing the Xbox360 as the PS3 is constantly delayed. Plus, MS has all kinds of ways to make money, Sony just loses it on every effort. Or they are suffering bad press or they are in the midst of some re-call. This person feels that about the time Sony begins to see daylight on profit on the PS3, then MS will release their next conslole…repeating the ass whupping. :d
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You’re right. Without MS, Sony would be milking the PS2 for everything they could. This is another fine example of competition increasing the rate of innovation and accelerating progress.

Actually, Sony’s format was Betamax. I think it was JVC that was behind VHS.

Here Here… 3 cheers for M$. Thank you Sony for being so bull headed. If you hadnt rejected M$ when they wanted to make games for the PS2 we wouldnt be here today. :g

I dont know hwere these sites get there info…Why do people always say BR is better but HD DVD is cheaper…do your research and you will see that really the only difference between these 2 formats are space and cost…sony gets more space because the laser is closer to the disc which some, including me, would argue could lead to damaging of the laser itself the disc or both sooner than HD DVD which would probably be just in time for Sony to re-release the disc on a special edition directors cut blah blah blah edition…this is the idiocy of some peoiple…and dont come on here saying BR is 1080p they both are…sony has included the extra scaling in thier hardware but any 1080p tv will have it anyway and probably do a better job…lol…i like sony but they have really lost it and i think they did it right after the walkman…they were number one with walkman and then they refused to get on the digital bandwagon…gg…and i want a ps3 but im not gonna wait for a year i am getting a console fopr xmas and ill probably go xbox 360…i only waited for ps3 because sony said it would have mouse and keyboard support out of the box which will probably never happen…:frowning:

I believe Philips was involved in Video 2000 too, and yes it was handy, 8 hours on one tape, using both sides, my parents had it.

The original article IMO uses the lamest and dumbest reasoning I happend to come across. Why dont every one of us make a prediction and then we’ll toss a coin who gets in the News. How is THIS a news??

(Complete and total Blu-Ray bias) 1. Studio Support: Seven of the eight major studios have announced support for Blu-ray. (Please ignore that currently HD-DVD has substantially more titles available and more titles currently announced by Blu-Ray SOURCE: 2. Play Station 3: The device will play natively Blu-ray DVDs. While it’s true that Microsoft will soon sell a HD-DVD adapter with its XBox 360 console, the high-def DVD player will require a separate purchase ($199). (Please ignore the fact that the combined price of the XBox 360 and the addon drive may be about the same price as the PS3, and much cheaper if you count current owners interested who already own XBox 360’s… oh and don’t forget the possibility the add-on may work on a PC) 3. Price: In 2007, you can bet that Blu-ray players will drop in price. (Please ignore the fact that HD-DVD players are currently HALF the price and movies are slightly cheaper, HD-DVD will be substantially cheaper in 2007 when players are in their 2nd and 3rd generation verses 1st to 2nd for Blu-Ray) 4. Politics: In 2007, the four studios that currently back both HD-DVD and Blu-ray will begin to question the economics of releasing titles in both formats. (Please ignore that since Blu-Ray is behind HD-DVD right now, this is a very forward looking statement based on market conditions that don’t currently exist, namely any sort of wide and cheap availability of Blu-Ray) 5. Peace Treaty: Also in 2007, Toshiba will see the handwriting on the wall and initiate peace talks with Sony. (Please ignore the fact that Sony has taken a drumming in the press, not only for all it’s miscues, battery fiasco, PS3 concessions, but also getting some heat for it’s crap first wave of Blu-Ray titles, that will be something that will be hard to shake off) Like deezus said, the only real difference between the two is space and cost. Blu-Ray may offer more space, but there are still many question marks about how reliably they will be able to produce dual layer media affordably. The lens and media is MUCH cheaper for HD-DVD, that’s something that Blu-Ray will probably never be able to overcome. At this point in time, the only real advantage that Blu-Ray has is the fact that blank media and burners are currently available.

But Sony’s most serious competitor is Samsung Electronics. Samsung has always wanted to surpass Sony. For symbolic reasons. So Samsung makes virtually anything Sony makes whenever they can.

Difficult to understand why such a writing is considered “news” here.

I can’t agree more.

Please start a new site for this called…gg kthx lol

I reckon HD-DVD (which stands for HIGH DENSITY DVD and not HIGH DEFINITION DVD) will most likely be the winner in the HD optical media wars. Blu-Ray might be technically better and has the clout of Sony behind it, but HD-DVD has the advantage of familiarity (still based on DVD), support for managed copying, and lower price point. All these factors are critical to market acceptance. It’s been proven time and time again that technically superior products do not guarantee market success. In this case, HD-DVD might just prove victorious despite its shortcomings.

thanks for the insights :B and who the heck is this stupid tvpredictions, some lame axx that watch tv ads for a living??
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I don’t understand this war. It is so easy, HD-DVD is the most logical choise. Easy to make, cheap, and a natural evolution of the DVD format. Blu-ray should be the next format to replace HD-DVD in say 10 years time or something, by then we could probably have Singel Layer -BD discs with 200Gb space or something. I don’t understand why people are fuzzy about 15gb vs 25gb. That is stupid, the extra space is to small to justify going for Blu-Ray. Same thing was with DVD+R and so on, yes the format was better and all that but in the end it was still DVD-R that became dominat.