Blu-ray Volume Unique Keys leaked on the internet

I’m ripping The Revenant AU disk now, just hit 22 M/s and it’s still climbing. Loving the speed so far.

looking to buy a friendly drive i see this is on the support list: LG BH16NS55

hope i am allowed to display the link:

so would the above be correct how do i know the firmware has not been updated, i am in the UK.


You buy it and if it doesn’t work, you return it. The firmware comments are simply saying that at some point in the future there may be a firmware update that blocks this sort of thing so get drives now and don’t update the firmware (not that you’d normally ever do that anyway).

Should work fine. As for the firmware, anything in the supply chain at the moment is not going to have a fix for the current loop hole. You should be good to go.

I recently bought my 2nd 1 of these as backup plan…manufacturing date is september 2017,firmware revision 1.02.
My 1st 1 ,bought in March 2016,came with firmware 1.01,but I upgraded it to 1.02 more than a year ago,even before it was known that this drive could read 4K UHD discs,and it works fine for it.
In case yours would have a higher firmware version,this drive is still a safe bet,because it’s 1 of the few blu ray burners which has a working custom flashing tool floating around here @ Club MyCe… :bigsmile:

Thank you for this info set my mind at ease. do-not have 4k TV at moment planning ahead so can not test immediately.

Is there any benefit to using an official UHD drive like the WH16NS60 compared to the UHD friendly WH16NS40?

WH16NS60 is what I have now, but I may pick up a WH16NS40 just for fun. Don’t really want to be switching back and forth though.

Well, the current advantage of having a ‘friendly’ drive is the ability to use the leaked VUK keys. The potential advantage of having a UHD certified drive is the long term viability.

That’s why I have both. Just cover my bases at this point. Plus I rip a LOT so having two drives is useful.

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Ha, I was afraid of that.

2 drives it is. lol

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The main (only?) point of having an official drive is that you need it to play any/all discs on your PC (though that of course requires the very specific hardware and PowerDVD 17).
If it makes you feel any better, I’ve got 3 drives now as the UHD drive I originally bought (first purchase of a full PC upgrade) wasn’t one of the ones supported by deuhd when that came out so I got another that was supported in case they started ramping up and I wanted to buy it (they haven’t so I haven’t bought it). Then I ordered a ‘friendly’ drive as the two official ones won’t work for this type of situation. Expensive hobby to have my movies on my server. :wink:

the leaked list has about 5 titles for me and a few more were already on the way. for the most part the HDR is worth it for older titles. for the new stuff, atmos and 4K (though most seem to use an upscaled 2K DI) makes it worth it.

my asus friendly drive apparently arrived today. unfortunately work has gotten in the way.

i am going to try this on my mac using makemkv. if it doesnt work i hope my old makemkv license transfers to windows though if not i would pay mike another $50. i have used makemkv for years now.

The license should work on both Mac and PC. I think you’ll be good either way. I was quite a bit luckier on the number of discs that the leaked keys helped me with (22) , but I am going to assume I probably have a larger collection of UHD discs too (143 and counting).

you do. i am close to 60 at this point. so many on the way.

I’m only 37 (30 supported) so I’m way short. I’m trying not to re-buy unless it is

  1. A Classic
  2. On sale
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I tried that approach. Let’s just say I failed miserably.

I was ‘good’ until DeUHD came out. The floodgates opened and I started buying everything I was thinking about buying, but was choosing to hold off on. Black Friday was expensive, but I ‘saved’ a boat ton of cash on UHDs.

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Just curious, has anybody tried to add their own keys? My “friendly” drive isn’t coming for another couple of days but I figured I’d see if anybody has had any luck. My understanding is that:

  • Get a proper KEYDB.cfg file with a valid AACS 1.0 host certificate. (Look elsewhere for it! I promise it’s out there, or at least, I assume the latest host cert is still valid. The one I have has the initial dump.)
  • Test the ability of MakeMKV or similar tools to decrypt a disc you own that’s in the initial dump.
  • Download DVDfab 10 and FindVUK. There’s a trial version of DVDfab that I think will work?
  • Use FindVUK to run DVDfab and auto-analyze the data to find the VUK.
  • Add the data to KEYDB.cfg and do your thing.

Good luck! If no one else reports back, I will when I can.

well so far limited success with this Asus drive, BW-16D1HT (Revision/Firmware 3.00)

Of three discs tried, only one is reported to be rippable by MakeMkv:

Labyrinth -> good
Davinci Code -> no good
Kingsmen -> no good

Seems the keys are not for the US versions of two of these movies?

the drive seems problematic too. twice now when attempting to access the disc, makemkv will cause the drive to keep seeking over and over and i have to pop the disc and restart makemkv. ripping in progress now at 19 M/s which is faster than DeUHD where I typically top out at 15.

very cool in any case.

note that in order to use this drive in place of my previous LG drive I had to modify the windows registry and remove a deuhd entry else windows would refuse to start the drive.

solution here:

Go to start, run and type regedit. Locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.

2.Locate the values on the right for UpperFilters, and/or LowerFilters. Remove these values; then reboot your computer.

For me, the LowerFilters were set as “deuhdsys”

i suspect this is how deuhd auto-reads a disc when it is running and you drop a disc into the drive

Labyrinth ripped but video is not good - white specks appear at random

Had to re-install DeUHD to work with this drive.

Seems the was DeUHD inserts itself into auto-detecting an inserted disc does indeed cause problems if changing drives (see my post above re: how to fix the registry).

I read somewhere that uninstalling DeUHD does not fix this problem either. Seems the uninstaller leaves crap hanging around the registry

Kingsman worked for me. Does your key SHA1 match what’s in the list? I did go through all of the leaked keys and match them against the correct title so if the column for Key Exists is checked it matches the Unit_Key_RO SHA1 value.

Also, if the drive goes idle for too long it freaks out when you try to read the disc. So just popping it out and back in fixes the problem.