Blu-ray Volume Unique Keys leaked on the internet


This post contained AACS keys that have been removed - Possibly violating copyright laws / found to be too dangerous

@DoMiN8ToR can you move this post and the other volume keys to a new thread?

YES!! I can decrypt Passengers using MakeMKV only with the volume keys posted there. @Balthazar2k4 should we add another column to your spreadsheet with the AACS key? or a checkmark if the key is known, so a disc can be decrypted without DeUHD? There are at least some discs in this list that DeUHD does not support (Ghostbusters II is the one I’m currently ripping - at ~11MB/s, so slower than with DeUHD doing the decryption).

EDIT: It’s up to about 14.1MB/s now, so basically on par with DeUHD. Except that it’s not using any noticeable amount of CPU, so that’s nice.

@ccutrer I am a bit hesitant to start putting keys in the spreadsheet. Sort of like wearing a bullseye :slight_smile: I would say adding a column we could populate with an ‘X’ if the AACS key is known would work for me. I saw Oblivion on the list of keys and will have to try it in a bit. Super curious if it works.

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I’m afraid we also can’t allow the AACS keys on here. So I’m afraid I’ll have to delete that post, I’m sure they will pop up somewhere again.

I will nevertheless make a new thread of it, so discussion on those keys can continue in a new thread!

so r u guys now ripping 4k blurays using makemkv without using deuhd and the above aacs 2.0 keys? ifso plz post pics

Curious as to how long Doom9 will keep the volume keys listed? That’s a dangerous game to play.

I’m up to 17.6MB/s on my Ghostbusters rip. Definitely faster than DeUHD.

That’s a good question. That whole thread is still filled with regular Blu-ray volume keys from the early days of AACS v1.

I’m assuming no issues with the end product that you can see?

Good point. Doom9 has always flown under the radar so I guess it wouldn’t be a surprise. I exported the 2.0 keys just in case :wink:

I did a trial rip of a small title (a studio logo clip I think) and it played just fine. I’ll verify the full movie in about 5-6 minutes when it’s done ripping.

Maybe I am just blind, but where do you place the key in MakeMKV? I swear it used to be in Preferences.

In case you didn’t notice, BD keys have been posted on Doom9 since 2007, i.e. since the first hack appeared, without any problems. So why would keys for 4K BD, an incredibly niche format by DVD and even BD standards, be more “dangerous”. I find it rather bizar that this forum doesn’t allow these keys to be posted, yet has sections for all major ripping programs and allows extensive discussion of ripping discs. These keys are worthless to anyone, except the people that actually own the disc. Anyway, just my opinion, no further discussion necessary.

What I’m interested in is if someone has tried to play a 4K disc directly, without ripping, using these keys and VLC+libaacs? Since AACS2 (allegedly) has bus encryption always enabled,
playback requires a non-revoked AACS1 host certificate (available in KEYDB.CFG on Doom9) and a UHD “friendly” drive. It will NOT work on a real UHD drive since AACS2 certificates are required.

So if anyone can try, please share the result

Copy/paste that block off Doom9, place in a file called KEYDB.cfg in the MakeMKV data directory (find it in the MakeMKV preferences. mine is C:\Users\ccutrer.MakeMKV)

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Where do I put the KEYDB.CFG for VLC to find it? And can you PM me a link to find a sufficiently new host key?

Rip seems fine. Chapters preserved, TrueHD track there, HDR. I can skip around just find in MPC-HC.

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I really don’t remember having to do it that way a few years back, but with age comes memory loss :slight_smile:

@all, I’m writing a news post about this, but unfortunately I consider myself pretty much a Blu-ray n00b :wink:

So far I have this:

Any additions on what use these keys could have, and could someone explain for non-tech savvy users and Blu-ray n00bs like me, in simple language what these keys actually are? (And you would allow me to quote you for honour and credits? :slight_smile: )

So I copied that block off of Doom9, dropped it into a KEYDB.cfg file, threw that into the MakeMKV data directory and nothing has worked. Tried Ghostbusters and it gave me the ‘Failed to open disc’ error. Same with Oblivion. Am I missing something?

Use VLC 2.2.4 (no other version, it won’t work, check VLC forum) and libaacs.dll posted here. Instructions for the location of files is also there

Get the latest KEYDB.CFG, including known certificates, from Doom9 and add those AACS2 VUKs.

First try to play a supported regular Bluray to check if your setup works