Blu-ray Volume Unique Keys leaked on the internet

Update on Labyrinth ripped with MakeMKV:

The disc is fine. Plays back without the white-speckles in the video as the rip does.

I’ll re-rip it with MakeMKV direct to MKV as well as try to back up the disc and then use MkvToolsNix to remux it into an MKV.

This is the first time I’ve used MakeMKV on Windows instead of OSX, but I don’t think that makes a difference.

As for Kingsmen - i have one of the versions in the spread sheet, but the AACS VUK does not work on it; i’ve updated the notes accordingly.

Strange. My Kingsmen worked fine. Is the Unit key SHA1 the same as what is in the list that has the leaked key support?

EDIT: Nevermind. I see where you added it to the sheet. I already vetted ALL of the leaked keys and added them to the sheet. If you don’t see an ‘x’ in the leaked key column then you are out of luck.

Seems the Da Vinci Code is working for me now. Strange it didn’t when I first tried, but then it was late…

Will be interesting if on Monday we see a lot of these titles added to DeUHD

I am starting to think that Aruosft will not be able to easily incorporate these keys. Since DeUHD is using block keys and the leaked keys are volume I am not sure how difficult it would be to use them in their current strategy. That said, they might be able to work the volume keys to get the block keys to add support.

I’ve also asked them to comment on the leaked keys, but haven’t had a reply so far. I can imagine they are not happy at least. I’m incredibly curious to know what the source of the keys is…

I’m not sure how much the VUK leak hurts them really. There wasn’t a whole lot of overlap so most of the newer titles that DeUHD supports are still valid only through DeUHD. I think their overall position hasn’t changed… for now.

interesting that we have two different approaches here. wonder if there are two different exploits at play.

i’m not happy so far with MakeMKV 1.10.8. trying to backup Labyrinth and use MkvToolsNix to create the MKV and see if I have different results.

the Da Vinci Code MKV also had some very minor video glitches for me - same as Labyrinth but not nearly as bad. compared both to play from disc in my oppo where they worked fine. i also checked some other 4k rips to make certain something with the video drivers or the latest JRiver 23.91 didn’t introduce this.

For the Asus drive - what is the firmware you have installed?

The drive is on 3.00. That is definitely strange that you are having these kinds of errors using the VUK. That key should eliminate the issues that might be associated with the block keys. I have tripled check my Labyrinth copy in multiple spots and it appears to be fine. I am not sure what is going on for you.

Ok. For reasons I can’t explain I had to update my nVidia drivers to the latest, and now both Labyrinth and Da Vinci Code playback fine.

now a bit of a rant:

I can’t explain why every other video I’ve ripped with DeUHD had no issues at all; only what I ripped with MakeMKV. Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

the downside of course is nVidia and Microsoft can’t get their s**t together and produce a consistent experience. I was on nVidia 385.69 and everything worked perfectly (excepting the recent rips with MakeMKV): Video went into Full Screen Exclusive Mode, 3D MVC decoding worked, HDR worked. Stopping video playback and everything was restored properly including turning HDR back off since it looks like ass on the desktop.

With the new nVidia drivers, HDR does not disengage any longer once i playback an HDR encoded movie. Worse there seems to be some random instability if I move from 3D MVC movie back to a 4K movie, JRiver/Madvr seem to lock up at a black screen with the JRiver playback menu flickering.

I’m also convinced the latest HD Audio driver from nVidia has done something to low frequency (bass). Hopefully I can compensate and re-adjust crossover and volume on the sub.

hate updating drivers.

That would do it. I am on an SDR monitor and review my rips with an MPC-HC/MadVR combo. Driver wise I on 388.13.

Thanks for that roadworker

Since we’re talking about playback, I wanted to mention that I just received my OSMC Vero 4k today. I am a major Kodi user, and have been running OSMC on Raspberry Pi for quite some time (1080p). I moved away from using Windows as a platform for playback, what with patching and driver issues. The cost of buying a dedicated device just to play 4k HDR is so low, and playback is so simple. I also tested an NVIDIA Shield for the same purpose, but there are some issues with Android and flipping between HDR 4k and SDR 1080p. I’m sure at some point that will be fixed, but I’m really loving the Vero 4k. Nothing bad to say at all. Simply amazing.

I am purchasing the OSMC vero 4K once they solve the MVC 3D issue. They are close according to their lead dev. Will buy one first to test and then if good, will have it on two sets - one 4K OLED 3D and the other an older Panny Plasma 3D set

the weird “snow effect” i have i thought was a result of a bad HDMI cable. nope. so many variables!

the only consistency is that if I have HDR disabled during playback then all is well.

that would explain why Balthazar does not see it. i wonder if your video would have the same problem with HDR enabled.

I also thought the driver update resolved it but when i re-tried that it seems that HDR was disabled!

Have to wonder if the decryption process in MakeMKV (it is afterall the first go-around for HVEC support) has an issue with HDR somehow.

Hi. FYI, I got my LG BE16NU50 drive today. MakeMKV works like a charm with the leaked keys. Ripping several discs now. :slight_smile:

I also want to draw attention to something. My drive came with 1.01 firmware. I noticed that 1.02 firmware was uploaded last week. “Improved BD UHD disc compatibility” is the only change in the notes. This came out three days after the keys were leaked, but before people really noticed. Anybody out there brave enough to bite the bullet and install the firmware? It’s very strange that the notes mention UHD when the ability to read discs was never officially mentioned by LG.

In any event, I highly recommend that people who want this drive, and want to ensure that they get one with 1.01 firmware, buy one (or more!) now. Who knows when stock will be wiped out and 1.02 drives hit the shelves.

My WH16NS40 came today. Now I have to figure out how to get all of that stuff working!

@philwashere - Don’t update the FW. It’s already been confirmed to prevent the drive from reading UHD discs. Read this and this. Also DeUHD says not to update the FW. I wouldn’t do it.

@HEVC - Oooh, yeah, those reports are really bad, especially the one that has the exact same “fix” as mine. Definitely keeping mine at 1.01, and possibly picking up a second one tomorrow just in case!

@myced Did your NS40 comes as a SVC NS50? Where did you buy it from?

It is. I bought it from the big A as soon as I saw this thread. 1.02. August 2017 build date I think.

Tried The Revenant - no go. Said it had 4 errors related to corruption in MakeMKV. Got almost the entire way through.
My Unit SHA1 matches the sheet. Trying again.