Blu-ray USB player for data storage



Some help with a portable USB Blu-ray player, please. My need is this: I am building an archiving system for a television newsroom. The news footage, packages and raw video is coming into the system as H.264 Quicktime files. We are going to burn them to Blu-ray discs as data files for archiving. When a clip is needed off an archived disc, a portable Blu-ray player will be connected via USB to an editing workstation and the needed file copied over from the disc. I would like thoughts on a portable Blu-ray USB player that will be used only for data transfers, not for playing back Blu-ray movies or authored product. The editing workstations are Mac Towers with FCP. Any thoughts on a reliable and simple burning program for the library computer would also be appreciated. That computer is a Windows based HP Workstation.

Thanks again.


A couple to look at.





A good burning program for Windows based machines would be ImgBurn.
You might want to look through the various guides to using it here:

The interface isn’t the most polished, but it is a very well respected program and has replaced Nero for me.