Blu-ray to let studios decide on managed copying by the disc

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 While HP is demanding iHD and  Managed Copy support in Blu-ray,            apparently it looks like  they will not get quite what they are asking for.  First, the iHD  functionality...
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both of these formats are going to fail so miserably!!! I can’t wait!!!:d

As I have said before, the market is not ready for Blu-ray/HD-DVD. For 99.9% of users DVD is way over the needed quality, most people here in the UK have only had there DVD players 2 or 3 years, and started making the switch from VHS to DVD. DVD only really got popular here in late 2000, with most people starting to choose DVD over VHS. Given the lifespan of VHS was well over 20 years I doubt there is really any need for DVD for at least 10 years. I don’t know a single person with a HDTV here, nor am I aware of any HDTV broadcasts for many years in the UK, so I doubt people will be buying new TVs just for Blu-ray DVD. When I watch HDTV myself i don’t honestly think it looks THAT much better than a well encoded DVD, definatly not to the point I would invest such a large amount of money in a format I wasn’t sure if it was here to stay.

We will never be ready for more DRM and are quite happy with CSS :d

I’m really surprised by bcn_246’s post. That was a typical American comment, not a Brittish comment. So yeah, newsflash the world consists of more than just the UK! (the last word in that sentence usually ends with USA not UK.) I myself live in Canada, and although not a lot of people here have HDTVs yet, they’re all over every store that sells televisions. I can walk into any Best Buy or Future Shop and see 30+ HDTV’s on display. Also, prices have dropped dramatically in the last couple of years, with no end in sight. Sure, we may not need higher definition content just yet… not this year, maybe not even next year, but we WILL need it, and soon. You say they don’t broadcast anything HD in the UK? That’s a real shame. Where I live, (a medium sized city of around 200,000) you can get digital cable which has 90% of all channels in HD.

do you lot realize that there is gresh air outside ? better go get some befor the studios drm that too its so funny watching us bitch in here when there are people dying of hunger out there the western way needs some attention dont you think

I was a Blu_ray supporter but not now, with HD DVD having a lack of studios behind it looks like I will watch my HD via cable or satellite channels.

You do know that Dvd wasn’t really big when it first came out in 1995 right? Everything has a transition period of course not the whole population is going to change overnight and both formats know that. They will try to speed it along though (like Sony putting blu ray into playstation 3) but they definetly wont think that either format will take the market for another 4 years. Remember these devices are still pitched at the higher middle class Americans/Uker’s not your average american. So one of these formats will win in the end it’s I mean in 2009 when united states forces all tv stations/streams to be digital HDTV will be a relevent consumer purchase for the masses.

Uhh, 90% of channels in HD? It’s more like 5-10% of channels in HD. HD broadcasting in Canada right now is garbage. There are barely any HD channels and those that are HD don’t always broadcast HD material, so right now HD through cable is trash, doubt it’s any better via satellite either. I personally don’t think the majority of the market is in need of Blu-Ray or HD-DVD; both mediums are beyond the majority of the market right now and for at least a couple of years to come.

in the interest of fair use, i hope blue ray and hd dvd end up in the same bins as SACD and DVD-Audio.

No one I know has a HD-DVD or Blu-ray PC drive and yet you say “beyond the majority of the market” “for at least a couple years to come” at this moment? Nobody has seen any HD-ready PC drive on the market. Why are sure about that?

meh… i am gonna put MYSELF in a damn bin this all makes me so sick. MPAA + RIAA spend more time+energy+money researching new ways to squeeze every last drop from our wallets and meantime there isn’t even any content that is worth buying these days… now HD-DVD and Blu Ray are coming and … so what? just a hi-res version of the same crap/garbage we’ve been spoon fed for the last years. Remember the good old days when there were good movies made and innovative music being produced, and artists actually wanted to release new music onto the scene and get people excited about it? remember when actors were paid normal salaries and actually studied acting and did good performances??? now everything is wham bam lets slap some special FX together with some mediocre actors and pay Vin Diesel $50million salary for 2 months work and then pump out a DVD and a Video Game and TV series and a PSP release etc etc and charge public for everything until their greedy little hands cant hold any more… then when they stop buying lets start suing them to reach our revenue goals so we can pay for our rich white fat-cat executives $50 million dollar mansion in Key West. Besides we need to have some money left over to pay off the republican scum so they can make more laws that erase the rights we have fought for for the last 300 years… .Uhm does anyone even remember why we fought the revolutionary war in the first place?? I assure you it wasnt so Sony and BMG could rape and sue the public over their shyte music being copied… jeez I have just about had it, ready to throw all my damn electronics out the friggin window and move to the country and live on a farm… who needs it all for chrissake… :r